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PORT ST. LUCIE, Florida, October 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Altitude International Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: “ALTD”) has released the following business update through its CEO, Mr. Gregory Breunich.

“Since our last shareholder update on 25 August 2021, Altitude International has implemented a rebranding program to increase market awareness and awareness of the Company and its subsidiaries. All ALTD subsidiaries now carry the Altitude name, which serves to highlight our synergies while continually building our brand’s growing space in the market.

Additionally, I have described some of the growth we are currently experiencing below.

1. Altitude Water – Altitude Water and Russkap Holdings have just completed the testing phase of our new Maxim RU unit at Camp Lejeune. This technology allows increased storage thanks to Altitude’s patented ozone purification system. The Maxim now makes water from air and purifies the water stored in an auxiliary tank. Camp Lejune gave an overwhelmingly favorable response to initial testing, leading to the addition of a new unit added to Russkap’s list of products for the US military.

Russkap and Armstrong Williams recently announced the completion of a successful pilot program for our atmospheric water generators in Flint, Michigan. Mr. Williams, a renowned business owner in Flint, announced its intention to donate units to Flint while the City finalizes the financing of its initial purchase. We are very proud of the praise and recognition we receive from the mayor Sheldon Neeley and we have now started to manufacture the requested units.

Noah’s Arc has finalized the purchase of units for ALTD’s Water to Africa initiative. Shipping and customs details will be completed this week. The trip to Cameroon to demonstrate the effectiveness of our units and systems is scheduled for the third week of October and will focus around the Noah Academy in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Two major network media have recorded stories about our Water to Africa initiative and are scheduled to be released once we confirm delivery.

Legendary six-time Grammy Award winner, Amy grant received an upgraded 100 gallon unit at his Hidden Trace farm in Franklin, TN. The upgrade included the addition of an auxiliary water tank connected to our ozone purification system, similar to technology developed for the military. Amy presented her newly modified unit at “Amy’s Friends on the Farm Weekend” for rave reviews.

2. Well-being at altitude – The team is about to launch our flagship Florida location, including altitude chamber, hyperbaric chamber, infrared sauna, cryotherapy chamber, compression, infusion modalities and many other services.

3. Altitude chambersWith professional sports and college teams returning to playing to packed venues, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in demand for our Altitude rooms. We have several clients at the design contract development stage. Greg Whyte, our Director of Sports and Performance Sciences, and a England will be coming to the United States in November to establish and set up our assembly plant for manufacturing our chambers here in the United States. The Orlando Magic Air Separation Unit will be manufactured here in the United States at the Altitudes Assembly Plant, with installation at Magics’ new plant scheduled for March 2022. During his visit, Greg will begin also discovery conversations with key Magic personnel to develop the position. -specific training programs for the team as well as. These diets are the key ingredients that are so essential to the success of the ALTD chamber program.

4. Altitude football – Altitude Soccer has undergone a major coaching transition in full registration in the second quarter of the 2021 season. We are pleased to announce that our new manager Ferdy DeMatais, which took the helm in June, positioned Altitude Soccer for immediate growth. Ferdy and Mike Caputo retained the majority of our returning students and increased enrollment through existing and new recruiting relationships.

Our Altitude Soccer Academy sees an influx of great players from Brazil, Bolivia, Japan, and The Philippines. The business of professional teams is on the rise as US professional teams, South America are in contact with us to secure their pre-season training schedules at our facilities at the start of 2022. Team training is a major addition to our football revenue stream. We have also opened up a dialogue with recruitment platforms and football schools abroad which have already proved successful in our full-time and short-term registrations.

5. Altitude golf – At August 19e and 20e Max Jelinek participated in its first European Pro event, “the Czech Masters”, which was held at Albatross Golf Resort in the Czech Republic. Max was trying to become the youngest player in history to carve out a place in an event on the European Tour at the age of 16. Max is one of the many international players participating in the Altitude Golf Academy and is well on his way to achieving his goal of becoming a professional golfer.

Altitude Golf Academy shows renewed growth with full-time students still booking. The program and the coaching staff are second to none. In addition, we have a fantastic setup with Club Med Sandpiper Bay and River Club’s Jack nicklaus Championship golf course (one of the finest in the state) for daily practice. The momentum has turned in our favor as we continue to address the challenges of COVID, and we should continue to see an increase in short and full-time enrollments.

6. Altitude tennisMaria Camila Osorio Serrano, was the number one ITF junior in the world after winning the US Open Juniors event in 2019. A local Altitude Academy player (who started with us at the age of 13 without a ranking), she just competed at the recent US Open 2021 pro tour. event for the time. Prior to that, she competed in the Olympics, representing her home country, Colombia. Maria camila recently returned for 10 days with her coaches Ritchie and Gabe, to train at the Altitude Tennis Academy to prepare for her next big professional event. Maria camila is now ranked 71st in the WTA World Rankings.

Under the direction of Gabe Jaramillo, Altitude Tennis Academy has had one of its best summer camp seasons. Many summer participants have made the transition and signed up for our full-time 21-22 season.

7. Altitude volleyball – With a third place finish at the AAU Indoor Championships and two players making the All-American team, ALTD Volleyball Academy now has its largest number of full-time registrations ever. We are seeing increased growth from overseas with 10 Canadians and 2 from the Czech Republic and our highest entry for this year’s full-time enrollment.

8. Altitude cleaning and disinfection – Our cleaning and sanitation operation continues to provide cleaning and sanitation services for H&R Block in 58 of its units in South florida. We use these same services in our own academies while aggressively seeking opportunities in various related locations. We are also testing an ozone air purifier which we intend to add to our service menu.

9. Basketball at altitude – Adrian and the team are planning to launch the basketball academy scheduled for 2022. The guys will chat for three days at the Bulls and Nicks game this month where Joakim will be honored for his career. basketball.

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