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fake government

“EXPLAINER: A Look at the Western Sanctions Toughening on Russia” (, March 4)

Vladimir Putin made Russia a new autocracy. He has woven a new iron curtain. He thought Ukraine could be secured under a puppet government to seed the restoration of a Soviet Union. But the taste of democracy was too addictive for Ukrainians to lose; they revolted and purged Putin’s false government.

Fearing Ukraine’s growing strength and independence, Putin is now waging an all-out war to deprive a sovereign nation of its freedom and halt the growing aspirations of Russian citizens to achieve it.

Daniel Fong

Rancho Cordoba

Apply the laws

“Church massacre shows how California allows abusers to keep guns despite restraining orders” (, March 2)

California law is clear: if you are served with a restraining order, you must surrender your firearms to law enforcement. . The law must be strengthened and fully enforced to crack down on phantom guns, illegal firearms, and the accessibility of guns to those who are not authorized to own them.

When it is discovered that someone helped a defendant like David Mora acquire a gun, they should be prosecuted and their name should be made public to let Californians know this issue is taken seriously.

Michael Santos


Better protection

“He killed his children during a supervised visitation. Sacramento church massacre exposes imminent risks” (, March 4)

It is devastating to read how systemic failures continue to affect children and families. Even after so much research on the dangers of domestic violence, we continue to see that there is not enough funding to protect our children. Even after the end of an abusive relationship, this does not mean that the risk of danger ceases. Separation is not synonymous with security.

Many families turn to the system hoping for protection, then realize that the abusive parent has the same rights as the children. Granting court-ordered visitation without providing safe places for supervised visitation is an issue that needs to be discussed and resolved at the local, state, and federal level.

Paola Soto



“Inside the Roseville School Board‘s political challenge to California’s mask mandate” (, February 16)

I have found it valuable that students in the Roseville Unified School District provide input on masking at school. It is important to consider all aspects of a situation before making a decision.

The Roseville Unified School District has lifted its mask mandate, making it optional for students to wear masks. This is an important step because I think the masks prevented children from having the opportunity to see how words are formed when others speak. Speech therapists were specifically at a disadvantage because they were unable to demonstrate lip formation to their students when teaching.

Jamie Cobabe


disturbing act

“Jim Cooper is running to succeed Scott Jones as sheriff of Sacramento. Could he make history? (, February 9)

No excuse or rationale can reasonably explain why Assemblyman Jim Cooper attempted to carry a loaded gun onto a commercial plane departing Sacramento International Airport on Monday. According to his staff, because he is a retired police officer with a concealed carry permit, a legal loophole allowed him to legally possess the firearm on airport premises. However, under no circumstances does the law allow an individual to bring a loaded firearm on board a commercial aircraft.

His actions betray the law. This callous, I’m above the law attitude is not compatible with the values ​​we want our Sacramento County Sheriff to have. Voters must reject Cooper’s bids to become our county’s next best cop.

Steven Sander


Bad Solution

“California is neglecting this vast supply of public land for affordable housing” (, February 26)

The 1910 Assembly Bill, which would offer taxpayers’ money to developers seeking to turn public golf courses into housing developments, would cause great harm to the 3.6 million Californians who play golf and to the millions of others who enjoy California’s parks and open spaces.

Public golf courses are part of the same park systems that offer football, baseball, swimming, picnics, bicycling, tennis, walking trails and many other recreational facilities – one difference being that the courses golf are better used than others. They preserve open space, sequester carbon, provide habitat, promote biodiversity, and allow rainwater to enter groundwater basins. In times of global warming, golf courses reduce temperatures in surrounding areas. They deliver these benefits almost entirely in densely populated urban environments where they are most needed and in communities disproportionately identified as “park poor.” Converting them to pavement exacerbates these problems.

Craig Kessler, Southern California Golf Association

city ​​of studios

Protect our ocean

“California officials approve plan to crack down on ocean-polluting microplastics” (, February 23)

A recent study by the World Wildlife Fund shows that plastics in our oceans are expected to quadruple by 2050 and microplastic levels will increase more than 50-fold by the end of the century.

Plastic pollution is a global problem that has a statewide solution. Assembly Bill 2026 would eliminate single-use plastic packaging — think bubble wrap and foam peanuts — from online retail shipping. If passed, this bill could be a first step towards protecting the environment from plastic.

Jackson Gould


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