Brooks Koepka pursues golf’s biggest rivalry by trolling Bryson DeChambeau after sudden break with caddy

  • Bryson DeChambeau and caddy Tim Tucker are said to have separated.
  • Brooks Koepka, DeChambeau’s big rival, wasted no time shooting the golfer.
  • Koepka and DeChambeau now have a long history of trolling and generally hate each other.

Brooks Koepka hasn’t finished bullying Bryson DeChambeau.

the hottest rivalry in golf wrote another chapter this week at the start of the Rocket Mortgage Classic at Detroit Golf Club.Before DeChambeau started the first round on Thursday, it was reported that he and caddy Tim Tucker would be taking time apart. Tucker was in DeChambeau’s bag earlier this week, but before the first round something changed.ESPN called the split a “break” and noted that DeChambeau “did not specify the length of the break”.

The “No Laying Up” golf podcast wrote on Twitter that “they are unlikely to work together again.”

Player-caddy separations are not uncommon in the sport, and DeChambeau and Tucker have separated once before, going their separate ways in 2017 before reuniting in 2018. However, according to rumors, that separation could be real. .


After the news broke, Koepka, who does not play the Rocket Mortgage Classic, wasted no time in directing his rival with a message on Twitter, speaking of the excellent relationship with his junior, Ricky Elliott.

“I couldn’t do this without my guy Rick!” Koepka wrote. “Best friend and best caddy to do it!” @RickyElliott recognition day! “

Koepka’s shot is just the latest in an ongoing firefight that began over two years ago between the two players.

Sparks first flew between the two players in 2019 when Koepka shot DeChambeau for his slow play. From there, things quickly escalated.

Bryson laughed at Brooks for the lack of abs. Brooks laughed at Bryson lack of major victories.

Then, after DeChambeau gained weight in his 40s, Koepka accused him not so subtly of using steroids by tweeting a GIF of HBO’s “Eastbound and Down”.

More recently, Koepka has shown open disdain for DeChambeau in a leaked interview during which Koepka lost her train of thought just by seeing DeChambeau.

These guys hate each other, and whenever there’s room for one or the other, they will, as Koepka showed on Thursday.

While the two have yet to be paired up since their feud began, the two will compete in the Open Championship at Royal St. George’s Golf Club starting July 15.

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