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By Kevin Deutsch

Through our joint efforts with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates with residents, here is a summary of crimes and more Park incidents until May 23, 2022.


NW 70th Pl.

A person was the victim of a burglary on 05/17/2022. A wallet was removed from the center console of an unlocked 2018 Chevy Colorado in the victim’s driveway. Early. East. Loss: $75.

Pimlico Ln.

On 05/17/2022, a Range Rover and a Cadillac Escalade were broken into. Early. East. Loss: $550.

Ranch Rd.

On 05/18/2022, a victim left a handbag in the back seat of a vehicle. The suspect smashed the rear passenger side window, pulled out a purse containing $5 and a Bank of America debit card. Early. East. Loss: $55.


NW 113th Ave.

On 05/18/2022, the reporting person alleged that the person(s) used his identity to rent a house in Parkland.

Stonegate Boulevard

On 18/05/2022, deputies reacted with reference to the threats made. Further investigation revealed no credible threats made.

suspicious person

Location redacted

On 5/18/2022, a concerned Parkland citizen drove by and noticed an individual exiting a doorway at an undisclosed location. The citizen called BSO to report a suspicious person.


NW 70th Pl.

On 20/05/2022, MPs responded by referring to a bike and tennis shoes that had been left on a walking path for at least two days. The bike and shoes were recovered for safekeeping. The owner of the bike contacted deputies and said his bike may have been stolen from his driveway a few days earlier, but did not report it. The owner was able to prove ownership of the bike and it was returned to him. Early. East. Loss: $650.

No arrests reported

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