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DUNEDIN – Never in a million years, local chiropractor Pat Snair thought she would learn how to install a soffit.

It was not part of the chiropractor’s job description. But Snair took the hit from Habitat for Humanity while working on a project, and it’s one of his many memories as a member of the Rotary Club of Dunedin North, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

“With our speakers and the people who are here and the things that we do, it’s family to me,” said Snair, who was the first woman to join the club in 1988 and became president in 1994-95. .

Allen Kynes was encouraged to join the club in the 1980s so that he could add something significant to the community.

“I went there and soon after they made me the leader of the song,” he said, eliciting laughter from fellow Rotarians in an interview on Dec. 15.

He moved from that responsibility to that of Sergeant-at-Arms and about two years later the club named him president.

Rotary is a wheel, Kynes said, and the wheel means there are a number of spokes.

“But by using all of these talents from the different spokes of the wheel, we can be a really vibrant organization to benefit the community. That’s what we love to do. We love to work together,” he said.

The club, which now has 44 members, has been involved in countless projects since its creation.

These include the planting of 18,000 trees and plants at Honeymoon State Park, the completion of the pavilion at Highland Park, assistance with the subscription to concerts of the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra, and support from many organizations, such as the Clearwater Free Clinic.

Manny Koutsourais, a founding member of the club and former mayor of Dunedin, was exposed to the club by a relative who was actively involved in it.

He praised the projects Rotary has supported over the years, such as a polio eradication program, and the speakers the club has each week.

It has been great for me, “he said.” After all these years, I made a lot of friends for one thing… I got a lot out of Rotary. “

Club president John Tornga has been a member of the club for six years, enjoying friendships and giving back to the community like others.

“There are so many creative people here who are going to go out there and do something. It can be a small project. It can cost $ 2,000, $ 3,000. But there is no paperwork. There is no has no ribbons to cut.

“There are no channels through which to go. We’re just going to step in and do it. Someone will take it up and say we have to deal with it,” said Tornga, a city commissioner.

Mary Beth Carroll was club member of the year in 2020-2021.

She joined the 44-member club about eight years ago after moving to Dunedin from Sandusky, Ohio, where she was the second woman to join a Rotary club.

“I think the longevity of this club certainly goes to the sons we have who are both long-standing and welcoming to those of us who have joined this community,” she said.

Sherrie Davis Kinkead, also a former club president, said being a club member is the best way to find out what’s going on in the city.

“It’s very valuable in business, in relationships and friends when you don’t know anyone,” she said.

Among the major projects undertaken by the club was providing bottled water to staff and students at Dunedin Highland Middle School at the start of the 2020 school year, as the water foundations were closed due to COVID .

“We weren’t happy to give just a few hundred,” Kinkead said. “The club decided that every student and staff member needed a bottle of water.”

More than 1,200 bottles distributed by the club have been personalized with the school logo.

Plans are underway for the Heart of Dunedin club, slated for February 6.

A similar program took place two years ago designed to honor and recognize nonprofit organizations in the community.

“It’s such a great time to know that so much is going on by so many people,” Carroll said.

The club, which meets Wednesdays at 7:30 a.m. at Dunedin Golf Club, also rings the Salvation Army bells during the holidays and works to help families struggling with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, Tornga said.

He said the club raised $ 8,500 at a cornhole tournament for the cause.

“We all serve to change lives, and this is one of the beacons for us,” Tornga said.

Allen said one of Rotary’s smartest things to do is allow women to join.

This decision made by Rotary in the 1980s made Rotary stronger. Some organizations that remained reluctant to allow women to join their ranks have fallen apart, he said.

Allen also said the club must continue to “get young people to go through the same process as all of us.” “

Snair recalled that joining the club was “quite a fun experience because a lot of the guys that were in the club were older generation and I went to high school with their kids. They looked at me a bit differently. Not just was. “I was a woman. I was a child,” she said.

When asked if she felt intimidated at being the club’s first female member, Snair, who is active in the Scottish arts and many other community activities, made fellow Rotarians laugh.

“You don’t know me,” she said.

The club – over the years

Based on information provided by the Rotary Club of Dunedin North.

• District Governor Hampton Dunn was challenged in 1971 to form a new Rotary club in the Dunedin area. After three months of provisional meetings, the club was formed on November 21, 1971.

Woodrow “Woody” V. Register was the first president of the new club.

• In the early years, sensing the term “snowbird” somewhat offensive, the club called its many regular winter guesswork “sunrises,” as befitting a 7:30 am reunion. The name later changed to “Red badgers”.

• In 1978, the club’s membership remained around 50 and has consistently been one of the highest clubs in the district for its attendance record.

• In 1986, a pavilion for Highlander Park was suggested as a valid club project.

Over the next year, “Bill Huettig became president and got the ball rolling.

The club contributed $ 10,000 in seed money and an additional $ 20,000 was raised by asking for direct contributions and organizing fish fries. “

Another $ 20,000 was borrowed from a bank.

“A lot of members invest in sweat, like digging trenches and pulling cables, with Bill putting in the longest hours.”

The pavilion was completed on November 6, 1988 and dedicated to Bill Huettig in 2003.

• During the following years, many projects were carried out with a large participation of the members of the parents’ club and other community groups.

These included the Dunedin Causeway Beautification, the Dunedin Recreation Department’s Annual October Festival, the Junior League Art Harvest, the Blue Jays Spring Practice Concessions, the literacy and dyslexia education and Dunedin Good Deeds Day.

• In 2003, Rotary International envisioned its centenary year in 2005 and called on clubs around the world to undertake a major project to celebrate.

The two Rotary clubs of Dunedin have combined their efforts to create a new nature center on Honeymoon Island.

Rotarians and officials met on June 8, 2004 at the new Rotary Centennial Nature Center site for a groundbreaking ceremony.

The clubs raised $ 90.00 for the renovation of the building and enlisted other chapters and supporters to raise money for the exhibits.

The inauguration took place on May 10, 2007.

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Boutique Fitness Studios Appoints Jacinta McDonell to Board of Directors https://burghampark.co.uk/boutique-fitness-studios-appoints-jacinta-mcdonell-to-board-of-directors/ Thu, 06 Jan 2022 01:25:23 +0000 https://burghampark.co.uk/boutique-fitness-studios-appoints-jacinta-mcdonell-to-board-of-directors/

Boutique Fitness Studios has appointed Jacinta McDonell of Anytime Fitness as Director, Board Member and Investor. As the co-founder of Anytime Fitness Australia, a member of the Fitness Industry Roll of Honor Inducte and director of the National Board of The Hunger Project, McDonell’s career promises to accelerate the growth of Boutique Fitness Studios.

Boutique Fitness Studios is a joint venture core franchise operations group led by Matt Gordin and several stakeholders including Jacinta McDonell, co-founder of Anytime Fitness Australia, former AFL player Tory Dickson and professional cricketer. James Pattinson. Boutique Fitness Studios aims to provide entrepreneurs with manageable, scalable, high-performance franchise entry points into the wellness industry.

Delighted with her appointment, Boutique Fitness Studios General Manager Matt Gordin welcomed McDonell, noting that “Jacinta is a leader who understands the wellness industry. Having grown Anytime Fitness to over 425 clubs in nine years, she has experienced all the ups and downs that come with building a successful business.

“As a business founder, franchisee and consultant, Jacinta has a solid understanding of global trends in fitness, franchise development and brand building. But what excites me the most are Jacinta’s strong values ​​and vision for the future.

Gordin adds, “I have full confidence in her leading the next generation of fitness franchises. “

In just over a year, Boutique Fitness Studios has sold 40 franchises across its three brands; CycleBar, StretchLab and Rumble while, last month, the company confirmed its acquisition of the rights to Master Franchise in New Zealand.

Building on these foundations, McDonell looks forward to maximizing personal and professional performance.

“I am passionate about franchisees accessing the future of wellness through proven systems and innovative franchise brands.

“Joining Boutique Fitness Studios allows me to harness this passion and turn it into daring but achievable projects. Promoting an in-store fitness experience for everyone – franchisees, customers and team members – is key to our success.

“I look forward to leading our team to achieve our ambitious plans and to be empowered and inspired along the way. “

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July 26, 2021 – The Brisbane Tigers plan to include the Anytime fitness center at the Easts Leagues Club

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May 7, 2021 – 250 Australian Anytime Fitness clubs will join events to raise money for Suicide Prevention Charity UK OK?

January 28, 2021 – Revamped Anytime Fitness Forbes reopens with updated equipment

May 27, 2020 – Anytime Fitness Asia acquired by Inspire Brands Asia

May 8, 2020 – Anytime Fitness Grafton named Fitness Company of the Year at the 2020 Australian Fitness Awards

March 4, 2020 – The International Franchise Association names the founders of Anytime Fitness “Entrepreneurs of the year”

January 8, 2020 – Anytime Fitness makes history as the first franchise with locations across seven continents

December 29, 2019 – Anytime Fitness Seeks To Drive Future Growth Outside the “Four Walls” of Clubs

October 3, 2019 – Anytime Fitness announces Stages Indoor Cycling as a Global Bike Partner

September 5, 2019 – Anytime Fitness and Tough Mudder unveil a new partnership

September 4, 2019 – Anytime Fitness named one of the world’s best franchises for the 12th consecutive year

August 22, 2019 – Anytime Fitness raises significant funds for suicide prevention awareness

July 31, 2019 – Anytime Fitness recognized as the “best worldwide franchise” for the 12th consecutive year

July 19, 2019 – Anytime Fitness Responds to Sunshine Coast Gym Fat Shaming Bulletin Board

May 6, 2019 – Anytime Fitness opens its 100th club in the Philippines

October 1, 2021 – Boutique Boxing Concept launched in Australia

December 14, 2021 – Richard Beddie recognized for his advocacy to industry at the New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards

December 4, 2021 – Australian master franchisee to launch Xponential Fitness brands in New Zealand

November 5, 2021 – Xponential Fitness Expands to Operate 1,000 Locations Outside North America

October 15, 2021 – Body Fit Training Expands Into the United States with $ 60 Million IP Sale to Xponential Fitness

May 2, 2021 – Xponential Fitness’s StretchLab signs master franchise agreement for Australian studios

July 29, 2020 – Xponential’s CycleBar brand arrives in Australia with plans for 45 studios

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Crypto-Based Startup Golf Club LinksDAO Just Raised $ 11 Million https://burghampark.co.uk/crypto-based-startup-golf-club-linksdao-just-raised-11-million/ Tue, 04 Jan 2022 02:38:13 +0000 https://burghampark.co.uk/crypto-based-startup-golf-club-linksdao-just-raised-11-million/

LinksDAO aims to shake up the traditional concept of the country club.

DAO Links

Psst! Want to join a one-of-a-kind private golf club?

Mike Dudas is one of those who would love to have you.

It can promise you fraternity and friendly competitions, without any tedious application process: no cocktail control; no questions by membership committees; you don’t even have to pay an initiation fee – not in dollars, anyway.

There is a caveat, however, and it could be a deciding factor, depending on your patience and tolerance for risk.

What Dudas and his cohort cannot guarantee is that the club will one day have a course you can play.

“It’s a great experience,” he says.

Dudas, 42, is originally from Connecticut and graduated from Stanford. He grew up playing golf and now lives in Manhattan, an entrepreneur with a handful of start-ups under his belt. He’s also a driving force behind LinksDAO, a virtual community that aims to shake things up in the real world by reimagining the country club. At the heart of LinksDAO’s plans, as shown on several online platforms, is to buy a Top 100 caliber course and transform it into a modern golf and leisure club: a playground for “a global community of thousands of enthusiasts”.

This crowdfunded purchase would be made with cryptocurrency.

Whatever your gut reaction to this concept – excitement, rolling your eyes, something in between – you probably have questions.

Where, for example, would this course be located? When would the club open? How much would it cost to join?

A “community of thousands” is a lot of golfers. How would the departure times be allocated?

What about other aspects of day-to-day operations?

Would staff derive their salaries in crypto?

Would you need to pay bitcoin for a hot dog on the turn?

And on.

Dudas can answer some of these questions, and he’s candid about the ones he can’t.

If all goes according to his hopes and expectations, he says LinksDAO will acquire a course by mid-2022 and open it for play by the end of the year, possibly early 2023. Although the The exact location has yet to be determined, with early indications pointing to areas around New York or Miami.

It could change.

“There are obviously still a lot of uncertainties,” says Dudas (above). “But that’s how start-ups work.”

Mike Dudas

As for other vagaries around the concept, some clarity can be found in the term DAO itself, which sounds like Confucian philosophy but is not. It represents a decentralized autonomous organization: a governing body without top-down management. Rather, decisions are community-based and made on the blockchain, a secure database for recording transactions that protects the details of those actions for everyone but the parties involved.

If you are of a certain age or have an analog mentality, the previous paragraph may have left you spinning. But the bottom line is this: All key decisions about the club – from its location and prices to its day-to-day operations – will be made by members of the community.

“There are obviously still a lot of uncertainties,” says Dudas. “But that’s how startups work. People usually don’t know about so many details so early on. “

None of the questions surrounding LinksDAO have done much to dampen the enthusiasm for it. While not the only crypto-based golf club concept currently floating in the ether – The Token Farm and the Good Miss Golf Club are among others testing similar terrain – it appears to be the more advanced.

Last weekend, shortly after the bullet dropped in Times Square, LinksDAO performed an NFT drop (an NFT is a non-fungible token, a unit of data, often an image, which also serves as a certificate of ownership. or membership). In just over 24 hours, over 9,000 NFTs were ripped off, generating the approximate equivalent of $ 11 million in Ethereum cryptocurrency. (Although the original bundle is sold out, NFTs can still be purchased in the secondary market).

LinksDAO sold over 9,000 NFTs in its initial offering, generating the approximate equivalent of $ 11 million in Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Ownership of an NFT LinksDAO does not constitute golf club membership that the community hopes to establish. But that gets you into DAO and gives you the right to buy a subscription down the line.

Money raised from sales of NFT will also not be used to purchase a course. It will be used instead to fund other DAO operations, including course research, acquisition planning, marketing, legal compliance, community development and more.

Dudas concedes that there is still some way to go.

But LinksDAO, he notes, has already made rapid progress.

Dudas started thinking about the details of the plan only about three weeks ago, shortly after posting the idea on Twitter. It was inspired, in part, by another crypto-real world convergence called Flyfish Club, a private dining club concept in New York City that sells subscriptions through NFTs. But Dudas says his thinking around LinksDAO also grew out of his aversion to the heaviness and restrictions of traditional country clubs: exclusive memberships, strict customs.

“As a kid, it was my least favorite part of golf,” he says.

Much of the momentum behind LinksDAO, he believes, is fueled by people who feel the same way.

We have clear-headed people who are skeptical and very determined to grapple with difficult questions.

Mike Dudas

Over the past few weeks, Dudas and others involved in the cause have held virtual town halls to answer questions and debate ideas. Conversations have at times looked like sophisticated technical discussions and at others like naively utopian gossip, mixed with abstract mentions of equality and community, but shedding light on the details of how things might work when this community is faced with thorny choices or congregates in the flesh.

You don’t have to be cynical to imagine that a private club made up of thousands of golfers and crypto-demons from all over the world could look less like a laid-back National Golf Links and more like a Lord of the Flies members-only. .

Dudas is not blind to the challenges ahead.

“We understand that it won’t work out of pure utopian belief,” he says. “Fortunately, we have clear-headed, skeptical, and very committed people to grapple with difficult issues. We’ll see how it goes.

Meanwhile, the LinksDAO community continues to grow, with plans underway for fantastic golf leagues, virtual tournaments and other digital offerings as the quest to acquire a course continues.

As with anything crypto, you can get involved with just a few mouse clicks or sit back and watch it unfold on your screen.

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A golf, food and travel writer Josh Sens has been a contributor to GOLF Magazine since 2004 and now contributes across all GOLF platforms. His work has been featured in an anthology in The Best American Sportswriting. He is also co-author, with Sammy Hagar, of Are We having Any Fun Yet: the Cooking and Partying Handbook.

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]]> How Hillcrest’s century-old country club kept its cool https://burghampark.co.uk/how-hillcrests-century-old-country-club-kept-its-cool/ Sat, 01 Jan 2022 14:01:04 +0000 https://burghampark.co.uk/how-hillcrests-century-old-country-club-kept-its-cool/

Miles Aldridge / Trunk Archives

There’s a story Hillcrest Country Club members love to tell about when Jack Benny came to greet Paramount co-founder Adolph Zukor, who was over 20 years his senior. Evaluating the comic, Zukor narrowed his eyes and said, “Benny? Are you still here ?

It’s part of the club’s history, but things have changed a lot since its founding in 1920 to counterbalance the policies of other local clubs against permission from Jewish members. It was the then Jewish country club, located not far from Beverly Hills and Fox Park, and it had a membership roster that included Groucho and Harpo Marx, George Burns, Danny Kaye and others of the biggest names in the world. 20th century box office. These days, you don’t need to be a tribal member to register, but you should be prepared to shell out the reported initiation fee of $ 185,000. Of course, this is only if you are invited.

famous members of the hillcrest country club

Hillcrest hijinks, left to right: Edgar Bergen, Harpo Marx, Ken Murray, Jack Benny, Groucho Marx, George Burns and (on the floor) Hal Block, in 1950. Below.

Courtesy of Marc Wanamaker / Bsion Archives

Today’s Angelenos have no shortage of choices when it comes to flashy country clubs, like the Riviera or Wilshire, or cool member-only spots like the San Vicente Bungalows. . As the world opens up and we all start to think about how and where we want to spend our time, and with whom, it is only fitting that a club like Hillcrest will be reconsidered. It is a testament to our current appetite for nostalgia and is reminiscent of simpler times, but not too simple.

“We now have a great golf course,” says one member, reminding us that networking once worked perfectly well without having to slip into someone’s DMs. “I would say one of the best in LA.” A member’s adult child notes enthusiastically, “The food is actually pretty good now. Let the latest batch of wonders take hold in Soho Warehouse in downtown Los Angeles; it’s a place to come for a casual dinner or a friendly game, or when your kids want to play Marco Polo without ending up on Deuxmoi.

crest country club

Hillcrest as it is today.

David Zaitz

For the crowd that gathers at Hillcrest (a group rumored to include Sidney Poitier, CAA big boss Rob Light and Television Academy president Bruce Rosenblum), the low-key atmosphere, where a golf score is a larger number than an Instagram account, is a point sale. (The club, which refused to speak to CGV, is notoriously shy of the press, another godsend for members.) As one regular who insisted on anonymity reveals, habits such as serious philanthropic giving are what will likely spur you on to sit in a lounge chair by the pool. “You can’t write a check to an organization just once,” snorts the member, “and hope to get in. “

Above all, in a city obsessed with its own image, history has value. Part of Hillcrest’s enduring appeal is its clear connection to the past and its status as an oasis founded by outsiders, to become itself decidedly old guard. It’s the kind of rags-to-riches story that would make a great movie, but it might just be the kind of thing that’s best discussed elsewhere.

This story appears in the December 2021 / January 2022 issue of City Country. SUBSCRIBE NOW

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and uploaded to this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and other similar content on piano.io

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Water Polo Australia Partners with News Corp in New National Streaming Agreement https://burghampark.co.uk/water-polo-australia-partners-with-news-corp-in-new-national-streaming-agreement/ Fri, 31 Dec 2021 03:24:26 +0000 https://burghampark.co.uk/water-polo-australia-partners-with-news-corp-in-new-national-streaming-agreement/

Water Polo Australia is partnering with News Corp Australia on a new nationwide streaming deal that is expected to broadcast more than 200 water polo matches live between January and May 2022.

Kicking off with the state-to-state “Summer Slam” tournament in Brisbane in January 2022, the new partnership will also broadcast matches from the Australian Waterpolo League (AWL) and the Australian Youth Water Polo Championships (AYWPC).

With domestic competitions largely canceled in 2021 due to COVID, the national water polo calendar is expected to return with more matches than ever.

Brisbane will host the new Summer Slam, which will see state teams compete against each other across all three age groups, which starts on January 10.

It then moves on to the Australian Waterpolo League from Australia Day, with the new format designed to provide clubs, athletes, sponsors and broadcasters with better quality water polo.

The first half of the national season will conclude with the Australian Youth Water Polo Championships again to be held in Brisbane, which are expected to bring together more than 170 teams throughout the Easter long weekend.

Water Polo Australia (WPA) chief executive Richard McInnes said the partnership with News Corp Australia will seek to extend the work started at the KAP7 Cup earlier this year.

McInnes said “We are delighted to expand our partnership with News Corp Australia which will see over 200 matches live streamed, the most water polo matches Australians have ever had.

“Partnering with News Corp Australia will not only ensure that our water polo fans will be able to watch more water polo through live matches and reruns, but it will also allow our sport to connect with new audiences through their wide reach.

“From our grassroots club competitions to our premier Australian waterpolo league, we will be able to showcase the best of our sport and enable more people to learn about water polo but also our players. “

News Corp Australia Managing Director, News Sport Network, Michael Wilkins, said he was delighted to build on the company’s existing relationship with water polo and added, “We look forward to showcasing the best of the game. Australian water polo, from young players to national league heroes. .

“After the Tokyo Olympics, water polo is a growing sport. We are excited to provide a platform for this continued growth among our vast community of audiences through our live broadcasts and editorial content. ”

The games will be broadcast on News Corp Australia’s media platforms.

Image courtesy Water polo Australia

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May 13, 2020 – Brisbane secures Australian Junior Water Polo Championships for 2021 and 2023

August 8, 2019 – Brisbane to host major water polo events ahead of the Tokyo Olympics

February 28, 2019 – Packaworld helps make New Zealand’s first ever oceanic water polo event possible

November 15, 2017 – Innovation brings water polo to open water

October 2, 2013 – Tasmania Hosts Growth of Junior Water Polo

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Alma Resort to reopen with qualified staff, innovative tours and solar energy implementation https://burghampark.co.uk/alma-resort-to-reopen-with-qualified-staff-innovative-tours-and-solar-energy-implementation/ Wed, 29 Dec 2021 21:20:07 +0000 https://burghampark.co.uk/alma-resort-to-reopen-with-qualified-staff-innovative-tours-and-solar-energy-implementation/

The 30-hectare Alma Resort in Vietnam will reopen on the 15the January, with qualified staff thanks to their partnership with the Australian company Typsy, a global digital hospitality training platform, and with the complex also offering customers innovative “Back of House” tours and contactless communication.

Alma Resort is located on Vietnam’s nascent Cam Ranh Peninsula, opposite Long Beach. On reopening the resort after an eight-month shutdown caused by the COVID-19 resurgence in Vietnam, Alma Managing Director Herbert Laubichler-Pichler said: The gift that keeps on giving. Yet since Alma’s debut in late December 2019, we, and no one else in the world, have experienced something like a roller coaster ride, with all the hitches of the tourism industry as we faced three major blockages.

Since the station closed on the 16the In May, Laubichler-Pichler said his team had been busy developing a host of new capabilities and services in preparation for the reopening, ranging from starting a large solar power project and in-depth training in the development of a “back of house” tour and improvement of the very own mobile application.

During the shutdown, Alma, a member of Preferred Hotels, appointed a sustainability manager to oversee three new staff sustainability committees focused on ‘green products’, ‘innovation and solutions’ and ‘partnerships’ , through means such as waste segregation, tree planting, paperless solutions, education and more.

Implementing a solar power project considered the most ambitious to date for a hotel in Vietnam is a central part of the independently owned and operated resort’s sustainability effort. Involving the installation of 5,634 solar panels totaling 12,500 square meters across the station, it is estimated that the project will supply nearly half of the station’s energy needs and reduce its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by up to 72,670 tonnes over a 25-year period. .

To retain and motivate its staff, Alma has partnered with Australian company Typsy, a global digital hospitality training platform, to “upgrade the skills” of hundreds of its hotel workers. Learners are encouraged to explore their interests, develop skills to help with internal promotion and career progression, and gain industry-recognized qualifications through the library of ‘Netflix-style’ hospitality training videos. from Typsy by industry experts.

Alma managers also studied the six courses of eCornell’s four-month management accounting certification program, equipping them with tools to develop key performance indicators (KPIs) and reporting systems to improve performance. managers and units across the organization.

Another example of how Alma has struggled to think ‘outside the box’ during closing is the one-hour ‘Back of House’ tour available at reopening to guide guests through the gears. of the complex. Tour stops include the pastry room, staff canteen, engineering workshop, loading dock, laundry and uniform rooms, electric buggy station, generator station, central air conditioning plant, water treatment plant and CCTV room and fire panel.

Offering contactless communication with customers and staff in real time, Alma also recently updated its mobile app to inaugurate a payment gateway, allowing customers to pay their bills cashless through the app, as well as access real-time weather information. -time due to the installation of a live weather camera on the stretch of the seaside resort of Long Beach.

Other changes included the doubling of the size and capacity of the kitchen of the Atlantis beachfront restaurant, which specializes in fresh and local seafood, and the introduction of a gourmet family barbecue and a roadside cafe to meet the insatiable thirst for caffeine of local traffic.

The team is also preparing the station for Tet on 1st February will be marked by a six-day program filled with cheerfulness such as traditional games and competitions, an outdoor cinema on the beach, kite competitions, lively chants and more. The large entrance hall will be transformed into a traditional “Village du Têt” with huts full of snacks and drinks.

Laubichler-Pichler added “We are cautiously optimistic for 2022 for a tourism industry that has been brought to its knees by the pandemic. Things will gradually improve, but it will be time before tourism numbers return to the levels of demand we saw after Vietnam’s first lockdown, if not the second lockdown for that matter. “

With fully vaccinated staff who are regularly tested for COVID-19, Alma has implemented a series of strict health and safety measures to combat COVID-19. For more information, please visit alma-resort.com/covid19fr

For more information, please visit alma-resort.com

Top of the image: Eight months after Alma’s closure, caused by the resurgence of COVID-19 in Vietnam, the 30-hectare complex will reopen on the 15the January; Image above: Offering contactless communication with customers and staff in real time, Alma has also recently updated its mobile app

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June 23, 2021 – Alma Resort in Vietnam recognized among the best independent luxury resorts in the world

February 24, 2021 – Alma Resort in Vietnam launches mobile application for contactless communication with customers and staff in real time

October 19, 2021 – Southeast Asian Games postponed to Vietnam to be held in May 2022

September 22, 2021 – Vietnam’s Laguna Golf Lang Co reaffirms its status as one of the most sustainable clubs in Asia

July 9, 2021 – In the event of a pandemic, the SEA Games in Vietnam are postponed to 2022

May 8, 2021 – Work continues on the organization in Vietnam of the 31st SEA Games and the 11th ASEAN Para Games

March 5, 2021 – Centara Mirage water park opens in Vietnam

January 29, 2021 – Vietnam’s Laguna Golf Lang Co joins Asian Tour Destinations in anticipation of the return of international golf tourists

December 12, 2020 – ASTM Safety Standards Translated into Vietnamese by IAAPA Asia-Pacific

December 8, 2020 – The eco-resort of Vietnam develops a new subsidy program for sustainable development projects

September 10, 2020 – WhiteWater announces Endless Surf project with Surf the Wave in Vietnam

March 25, 2020 – Vietnamese Tourism and Leisure Developer Focuses on New Projects During COVID-19 Disruption

March 11, 2020 – Movenpick opens a new international complex in Vietnam

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Ethos Asset Management Inc. USA announces an agreement in Gran Canaria, Spain, with NEW ISLAND 2020 SL, to develop and build a leisure and sports destination called AIRE BEACH CLUB https://burghampark.co.uk/ethos-asset-management-inc-usa-announces-an-agreement-in-gran-canaria-spain-with-new-island-2020-sl-to-develop-and-build-a-leisure-and-sports-destination-called-aire-beach-club/ Tue, 28 Dec 2021 01:50:47 +0000 https://burghampark.co.uk/ethos-asset-management-inc-usa-announces-an-agreement-in-gran-canaria-spain-with-new-island-2020-sl-to-develop-and-build-a-leisure-and-sports-destination-called-aire-beach-club/

The partnership provides long-term funding to NEW ISLAND 2020 SL, to build the most complete beach club in Spain and to offer the best service and a variety of leisure and sports offers that far exceed customer expectations. .

SAN DIEGO, December 28, 2021– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –ETHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT INC USA, announced a new long-term financing partnership with NEW ISLAND 2020 SL, a Spanish tourism and leisure development company based on the island of Gran Canaria with a capital injection of USD 4 million. NEW ISLAND 2020 SL, is the main brand, however, the group owns several different brands because each product line has its own brand with products that have their own register and patent. Specialized in hospitality, marketing, finance, music, textiles and sports. NEW ISLAND 2020 SL, has extensive experience in these sectors, with a team of experts trained to make their projects a success that stood out in the Canary Islands by attracting global brands as partners.

Carlos Santos, President and CEO of Ethos said: “We are extremely happy to partner up and support such an important and innovative project in Gran Canaria, Spain. Ethos is proud to be part of this important project and development, AIRE BEACH CLUB, a project born from the enormous need that the Island of Gran Canaria, and in particular the Municipality of Maspalomas, contains for urgent tourist renovation . Maspalomas needs to renew itself and differentiate itself in terms of leisure and sports offers. In the emerging post-Covid world, there is a new need for tourism and new accessible destinations for all of Europe.With 12 months a year of good weather, a characteristic that differentiates Gran Canaria as the best climate in the world, we want take advantage of this period of renewal to invest in one of the main tourist destinations in Europe. Within 5 years, the complex will be surrounded by 12,000 hotel beds, in addition to a new sports pier, a private airport within the facilities, a new golf course, a shopping center and all attributes and services to meet the demands of the different audiences to be accommodated. The project will provide employment and career opportunities to local people and local businesses that will benefit from the construction phases and unfold long-term opportunities. “

Federico Cabrera González, CEO, NEW ISLAND 2020 SL, said: “From me and New Island 2020, we thank Ethos Asset Management Inc., USA for the confidence placed in our project and we are proud and happy for it. AIRE BEACH CLUB is the start of an exciting project that aspires to to position itself in the medium term as one of the most recognized Beach Club brands in the world, offering a gastronomic, leisure, touristic and sporting proposition that greatly exceeds the expectations of our customers. continue to advance in the following projects in which we work together, such as: WAVE GARDEN GRAN CANARIA and AIRE LUXURY VILLAS.
“The balance between experience and passion will be the key to our success!”

Guillermo Funes, Ethos Partner, noted,

“It is a pride and a pleasure to be a partner of the Ethos team. It is an accomplishment for me, to be part of this transaction of this great New Island project. It means a little more given this It was a difficult year. I would like to thank the entire Ethos team for their efforts. Dear Carlos Santos, thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. “

About Ethos Asset Management:

Ethos Asset Management (Ethos) is an independent US-based company with a global reach in resource mobilization and project finance.

For more information on Ethos Asset Management, please visit https://www.ethosasset.com/.

About NEW ISLAND 2020:

NEW ISLAND 2020 is a company dedicated to the development of projects related to leisure and tourism on a global level.

For more information on NEW ISLAND 2020, please visit: https: //www.lacompañia.com

See the source version on businesswire.com: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20211227005142/en/


NEW ISLAND 2020 SL Contact:
Federico Cabrera González, CEO, NEW ISLAND 2020 SL fede.b2b@gmail.com

Contact Ethos:
Guillermo Funes, Ethos Partner, gmofunes@me.com

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Marjorie M Durbin obituary – Akron Beacon Journal https://burghampark.co.uk/marjorie-m-durbin-obituary-akron-beacon-journal/ Sun, 26 Dec 2021 09:44:33 +0000 https://burghampark.co.uk/marjorie-m-durbin-obituary-akron-beacon-journal/

) Marjorie M. Durbin, 87, of Stow, passed away on December 21, 2021, after a brief illness, ending a life of love and faithful service to her family, church and community. Ms. Durbin was born May 6, 1934 in Akron, Ohio, the daughter of Agnes (Labbe) and John Howard Mehigan Sr. She was a proud graduate of St. Sebastian School and St. Vincent High School in Akron. (class of 1952). She graduated in 1956 from Notre Dame College, South Euclid, Ohio, earning a bachelor’s degree in economics. While studying, she joined Kappa Gamma Pi, a national Catholic women’s honor society. She was a life member of the organization, eventually serving decades as the National Executive Secretary. After graduation from college, she worked with the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in Akron. She then worked as an executive assistant with Commercial Aviation in Stow. During her college days, on a blind date, Ms. Durbin met the love of her life, C. Joseph (Joe) Durbin Jr., whom she married on October 5, 1957. Their marriage grew and prospered for 63 years, until Joe’s death. October 7, 2020. She has played an active role in religious, school and community organizations, especially those involving the activities of her three sons. She had been an active member of Holy Family Church in Stow since 1968, serving as a teacher with the Brotherhood of Christian Doctrine (CCD) Catechetical Program, now known as the Parish School of Religion (PSR). She also participated in the parish women’s renewal program. She has been a long-time member and past chair of the PTA Stow Board and an active member of Stow Band Parents, including many years of work with the organization’s band uniform program. She was a long-time member and leader of the Stow Women’s Club, overseeing the organization’s Ann Grubb student aid program for many years. She was honored to receive the Eagle Scout Mother’s Pins from each of her sons, who were members of Troop 177 at Holy Family. She and her husband have been involved for many years with Marriage Encounter in the Akron region, where they participated in the preparation of the Pre-Cana Catholic wedding with many engaged couples. She and her family were long-time enthusiastic participants of the Family Camp program at CYO Camp Christopher in Bath Township. She and her husband were long-time participants in the couples golf league at the former Leisure Time center in Stow. She and her husband loved to travel. They visited destinations such as Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Hawaii, Alaska and the Bahamas. Besides her husband, before his death were her brother, Colonel Denis Mehigan; sisters-in-law, Martha Moore and Dottie Caine, and brothers-in-law, John Moore and OB Bonham. She leaves three sons, Neil (Peggy), Mark (Lisa) and Dr Michael (Theresa). She was a beloved “Grammy” of nine grandchildren, Christopher (Laura), Joseph (Emily), Marissa (David) Lipscomb, John (Tatiana), Julie, Liam, Grace, Gemma and Kiara; and two great-granddaughters, Riley and Lilliana. She also leaves one brother, J. Howard Mehigan Jr .; sisters-in-law, Joan Bonham, Jenny Mehigan and Judy Mehigan; and brother-in-law, Al Caine. She also leaves behind many nieces and nephews, who knew her affectionately as “Aunt Margie”. Call hours will be 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., Monday, December 27, at Dunn-Quigley Funeral Home, 3333 Kent Road, Stow. A Christian funeral mass will be celebrated at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, December 28 at Holy Family Church in Stow.

Posted on December 26, 2021

Posted in Akron Beacon Journal

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British Gymnastics Funding Increase Lets Wakefield Club Reach More People Than Ever https://burghampark.co.uk/british-gymnastics-funding-increase-lets-wakefield-club-reach-more-people-than-ever/ Thu, 23 Dec 2021 22:55:11 +0000 https://burghampark.co.uk/british-gymnastics-funding-increase-lets-wakefield-club-reach-more-people-than-ever/

British Gymnastics Funding Increase Helps Wakefield Grassroots Club Reach More People Than Ever With Transformation Project

A gymnastics club in Wakefield is reaching more people than ever thanks to a new fundraising program introduced by British Gymnastics.

So far, the sport’s governing body has allocated £ 2.4million in affordable loans under its Club Capital program, of which £ 1.3million has already been drawn by clubs. Twenty-one saw their applications approved, with Utopia Gymnastics Club one of nine full projects.

Utopia was formed in 2017 by former Yorkshire gymnast Kirstie Limbert and her husband Luke with the aim of bringing the sport – and more importantly, the opportunity for anyone to participate in physical activity – to the local community.

A gymnastics club in Wakefield is reaching more people than ever thanks to a new fundraising program introduced by British Gymnastics.

Utopia is the first purpose-built facility in the region, and with many clubs in the region already at full capacity, it has helped meet the remarkable demand for gymnastics in the region.

After the opening session in May 2021, the club already has 500 members and has ties to schools in Wakefield, creating employment opportunities and providing the region’s first dedicated facility offering artistic gymnastics programs for young people. .

Kirstie, principal of Utopia, said: “I used to train in a church when I was a gymnast – but it’s a different world. In the church, we never had a fully suspended floor, just a rectangle, which meant when we got to competitions we had to reschedule all of our routines to do it on the full-size floor. It’s fantastic to give our kids the chance to train on the best equipment there is.

“We are really a grassroots club, we are working hard to continue to develop our relationships with the local schools we can go to and offer sessions to those who may never have had the chance to experience the sport at all.

“We couldn’t have opened without Club Capital. After being turned down by several different lenders, we spoke to our facilities support agent at British Gymnastics who helped us get it started. As soon as we heard about the opportunity, we immediately took an interest and were desperate to achieve our vision, and I’m so glad we got there.

Utopia was formed in 2017 by former Yorkshire gymnast Kirstie Limbert and her husband Luke with the aim of bringing the sport - and more importantly, the opportunity for anyone to participate in physical activity - to the local community.

Utopia was formed in 2017 by former Yorkshire gymnast Kirstie Limbert and her husband Luke with the aim of bringing the sport – and more importantly, the opportunity for anyone to participate in physical activity – to the local community.

Converted from an industrial unit, the project needed £ 320,000 to transform the dead space into a leisure space, comprising a reception, common area, gymnastics floor, podium pit, as well as a an additional dance studio which includes additional gymnastics space.

Dave Marshall, director of participation at British Gymnastics and at the forefront of the Club Capital initiative, visited the club just before the club’s Christmas break.

“It is absolutely wonderful to see Utopia Gymnastics make the most of their new facilities,” he said.

“We have worked hard to create so many opportunities in gymnastics through our Club Capital project, as well as to ensure the stability of the clubs as they rebuild themselves through our Covid recovery fund which includes a recovery loan of 1, £ 5million to help clubs which have been affected by the pandemic.

“We have already committed over £ 2million to Club Capital projects, but there is more money to come, so I urge anyone interested in what is available to help support their club, to visit our website. “

To find out more or to apply for funding for your club, visit www.clubcapital.co.uk


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Macdonald Hotel Membership | Shropshire Star https://burghampark.co.uk/macdonald-hotel-membership-shropshire-star/ Wed, 22 Dec 2021 11:38:00 +0000 https://burghampark.co.uk/macdonald-hotel-membership-shropshire-star/
Adrian Wroth Photography
Adrian Wroth Photography

There’s no better time to plan for the future than the start of a New Year – and there’s no better place to start than YOU.

If you’re looking to make a promise to your body and soul that you’ll keep, membership in the Macdonald Hotel’s Vital Health and Wellbeing Clubs is an investment in total well-being. You will find the inspiration and support you need for a fresh start, whatever your goals, and an environment that is more than just a country club – it’s a way of life.

Adrian Wroth Photography

Imagine a world where fitness, first class service and luxury go hand in hand; where your gym time is carefully tailored to your specific needs and goals; where your post-workout routine could involve a delicious, nutritious lunch, detox in our thermal suite, or a discounted member-only ELEMIS treatment in the spa. From where you come out calm and rejuvenated – perhaps onto a sunny terrace or a picturesque garden. You can even choose to spend the night in 4 or 5 star luxury!

Your fitness is their top priority, and they’ll get you started on the journey to reaching your full potential with a Fitech induction, where a friendly and professional team of personal trainers will assess your fitness and overall health to create a bespoke program that is just right for you. The gyms are fully equipped with state-of-the-art Life Fitness equipment – with strength and cardio zones as well as a stretch zone – and you can track your progress from the Life Fitness Connect app.

For more variety and fun, step out of the gym and participate in one of our group workouts. Macdonald Hotels offer a wide range of classes, including low-intensity options like yoga or Vital Aquafit, high-energy cardio workouts from Les Mills * and own-brand Vital workouts. It’s a fantastic way to get in shape and all classes are free and exclusive to members. And whether you like swimming – to warm up, cool off, or your only exercise for the day – there are plenty of pools surrounded by natural light and offering wonderful views of our grounds. You will find thermal areas next to all the swimming pools so you can enjoy the ultimate relaxation.

Adrian Wroth Photography

There is no membership fee and if you become a member in January you will get one month free, plus a welcome pack worth £ 250 which includes your Fitech induction, 2 for 1 lunches, discounts on hotel stays and spa treatments, passes and free coffee each month.

Finally, rest assured that the Safe and Sound charter goes further to guarantee that health and safety are always a priority in all areas of hotels.

Whether you choose to work out, relax, or take the plunge and invest in your total well-being, you’ll find that anything is possible when you join a Vital Health and Wellbeing Club at Macdonald Hotels & Resorts.

Chef: Gymnasium at the Macdonald hotel near you

Principal: Macdonald Hill Valley Hotel, Golf & Spa

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