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Polk County Golf League Results and Upcoming Events

Polk County Golf League results through September 20 with format, date, event and winners by flight or class in alphabetical order. Cleveland Heights Tuesday men’s draw and quota points, September 7: Dave Waller / Wayne Cross / Joe Albright plus 8, Gene Steffen / Keith Lohman / Steve Criss plus …

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Contracts traded at Stanley Park Golf Course

Holmes Investment Properties Plc (“HIP” or “the Company”) Contracts traded at Stanley Park Golf Course Highlights – 21st Refurbished centenary golf offer. – The flagship location of David Lloyd’s new leisure company, Adrenalin World. – Development of a new holiday lodge. – Total development of £ 45 million. – Improved …

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Fairfax Park Foundation applauds philanthropic efforts | news / fairfax

[Sun Gazette Newspapers provides content to, but otherwise is unaffiliated with, InsideNoVa or Rappahannock Media LLC.] The Fairfax County Park Foundation has named a family, organization and group of friends of the Park Authority as this year’s Eakin Philanthropy Awards recipients, honoring outstanding contributions to parks through the Park Foundation. They …

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