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HOME TOWN GIG: Musician James Brown, who helped raise £ 15,000 for charity with online foreclosure concerts, will perform live at Glaxo Sports and Social Club with The Moobs

A locked and loaded former Barney musician’s online performances that raised £ 15,000 for NHS charities during the pandemic saw him ‘headhunted’ by a North East cover group , The Moobs.
And now James Brown is bringing his new band mates to Barnard Castle to perform at a concert in December.
Mr. Brown, who was born and raised in the city, has been a musician for 22 years, performing in various venues in the Northeast.
It was his online performances in the Locked Down and Loaded sessions that drew an online audience of thousands that brought him to the attention of the established cover band and the invitation to become their new lead vocalist. .
He said: “Having played the music circuit around Newcastle over the years, I have made contacts and friends in the music industry.
“It was after the lockdown and the busy fundraiser that a friend, Michael, who is the Moobs pianist, got in touch.”
The six-piece group, which has a big sound and four-way vocal harmony, has performed on big stages for years at festivals and big clubs, playing a variety of covers from U2 to Kasabian.
Mr Brown added: “He explained that their lead singer, David Mole, hung up his boots due to family and life commitments and wanted me to get involved.
“I met Ged Mole, who is one of the main guitarists and co-founder of the band, to chat and break the ice. I felt right at home and looked forward to the first rehearsal.
“It’s a well established band, with each member a master of their music, and it’s really special for me to be the lead singer.”
Since joining band members Ged Mole, Graeme McCulla, Colin Harding, Phil Bell and Michael Mcnally in August, they have been in demand with their schedules filled until next year.
Mr Brown said: “South Tyneside is where most of the guys are from, so there’s a lot of gigs up there, but we had a hole in the log right before Christmas and I just wanted to play in. my hometown because I know we would go downstairs for a blast in Barney.
“The event I created is a full night of groups starting with local support groups, which I know are fantastic, to make the night a success.”
The Christmas Showcase Event at Glaxo Sports and Social Club on Saturday, December 11 will see The Moobs headlining with support from local groups The Waynes and Geriatrics and the Pacemakers.
Since announcing that tickets for the showcase event, which cost £ 10 and are available by contacting 07975 50 695, have sold well and Mr Brown is hopeful it will be sold out.

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