Father of Parkland shooting victim who heckled Biden during gun law speech says he had ‘nothing to lose’

Manuel Oliver’s son, Joaquin, was among 17 people killed in the 2018 shooting. He started screaming during Biden’s White House speech on Monday, as the president marked new bipartisan control legislation. fire arms.

Biden replied, “Sit down. You’ll hear what I have to say.”

But the president encouraged Oliver to talk more as a security guard approached Oliver saying, “Let him talk. Let him talk.”

Oliver opened up about his hiatus from the press conference with gun advocacy group Guns Down America later Monday.

He said more work needed to be done even with the new gun laws and explained why he interrupted Biden.

“I’m here. I thought I had to be here. But I also had to say what I said inside this place. Some people say it’s not the right time. I think you don’t can’t wait for the right time. You have the right time.”

Oliver noted that he supported Biden, but feels he needs to do more: “I just said to the president, who I know personally, who I voted for, who I campaigned for: ‘President Biden , you can do more.'”

He also said it was good that Biden encouraged him to keep talking, saying, “The good thing about all of this is that President Biden wanted me to keep talking.”

He later added, “I have nothing to lose. I have no problem saying it the way I say it. I think we all have a role to play here.”

The bill Biden signed in late June takes new steps, including expanding background checks on young people trying to buy guns and building on an existing ban on owning guns for young people. convicted domestic abusers, Insider Jake Epstein and John Haltiwanger reported.

Biden noted when he signed the bill that he wanted to take more gun control measures and said during his speech on Monday that the new law was “not good enough.”

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