Football fan mystery box cases score points all over the world

Football fans turned entrepreneurs Alex Street and Jamie King, bosses of Pinxton-based Mystery Jersey King.

Football fans Jamie King, 31, and his friend, Alex Street, 37, started Mystery Jersey King in February while they were still in their previous jobs.

They sell mystery boxes containing top quality soccer jerseys, with five percent of each sale going to charity.

The business took off so much that this week they reached a turnover of a quarter of a million pounds.

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The mystery boxes are well presented and contain high quality soccer jerseys.

In an average month, they send out 2,000 boxes, with orders coming from countries around the world, such as Spain, Italy, Australia, Israel, Brazil and the United States.

In addition, the company has already donated nearly £ 3,000 to charities fighting mental health, food poverty and bowel cancer, and helping the NHS.

“Since our launch it’s gotten a little crazy,” said Jamie, who lives in South Normanton and was previously spa manager at the Holiday Inn.

“It’s hard to explain the appeal. But there is something very exciting about opening a box without knowing what’s in it.

Customers don’t know which team jersey they’re going to get until they open their box.

“Normally, football fans would only buy the jersey of the team they support. But there are some amazingly good looking jerseys. It’s a niche.”

Alex, who is originally from London but now lives in Eastwood, supports AFC Wimbledon. He left his post as manager of the Eastwood Hall Leisure Club to team up with Jamie, a Mansfield Town fan.

Initially, they created Mystery Jersey King in their spare time. But word spread via impressed influencers on social media platforms, and the duo soon realized they could do anything. These influencers include Tik Tok sensation Cal The Dragon, a Nottingham football fanatic who has 1.1 million followers.

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In September, Jamie and Alex moved into an office in Pinxton, and as orders pour in, they plan to employ staff rather than relying on family and friends for help.

“There are other mysterious football shirt box companies in the UK, but none at the level we are at,” Jamie said.

“We work with many manufacturers, such as Kappa and Macron, and all of our shirts are genuine and new. There is no counterfeit.”

Customers are asked which teams they would like to avoid. For example, a Liverpool fan would not want to get a Manchester United shirt. But they really don’t know what’s inside until they open their box. And the darker the shirt, the better it seems to be received

“We sent out expensive jerseys and got no feedback,” Jamie continued. “But when someone received a Turkish third division team jersey, he loved it because it was unique.

“Jerseys are great for people to wear when they are five-a-side, and as gifts for family and friends. We are already seeing Christmas orders coming in.

The boxes cost £ 34.99 each, with ladies’ and children’s versions also available.

All income is currently being injected into the creation of the business. But Jamie and Alex will soon be earning a lot more than in their previous jobs.

“I hope our story can inspire others,” said Jamie. “The moral is if you can find a niche, it can change your life.”

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