Further expansion of the Watersound hotel and facilities planned for 2022

WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – A five-year-long Watersound development is approaching the finish line.

The $ 70 million project will include a new hotel, as well as a major amenities expansion near Camp Creek Golf Club.

The Watersound Camp Creek expansion began in 2019 and when completed would include the largest wellness facility in Area 30A.

Facilities include eight tennis courts, eight pickleball courts, several swimming pools, a man-made river, and spin and yoga studios.

“Here at Watersound Club Camp Creek, you start to see the result of a lot of planning and a lot of experience,” said St. Joe Hospitality spokesperson David Demarest. “As our membership increases, we develop the amenities and we want to make sure that in everything we do, we continue to stay ahead of need and demand so that we can deliver a high quality experience. to our customers and members. “

This development will also create around 150 jobs for the area, and Camp Creek general manager Manny Belete is looking for the best.

“Wherever you go, what will make the difference is the people,” Belete said. “We have the amenities… I’ve been to lavish places in the world where millions of dollars are spent. I think this is the culture that we are creating. I know St. Joe as a company and Watersound Club, we create that feeling, but we want you to feel comfortable. We want to make it your backyard. We want to make it your home.

St. Joe also hopes this project will expand tourism in the area beyond beachgoers alone.

“You are going to come here for your golf vacation and you are going to come here for a really high end experience and this is something you might not get on other vacations in this area,” Demarest said. . “We’ve long been known only as a beach destination, but it expands that. It grows what we offer as a community to people outside the region and to people who live here.

The new facilities are expected to open in the spring of next year and the hotel is expected to be open to guests in the summer.

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