Future Vet Techs Bring Back ‘Doggy Spaw Day’ Fundraiser

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – A group of future veterinary professionals have gotten their hands on a good experiment.

Parkland College’s Vet Tech Club hosts several fundraisers throughout the year, but this one is a community favorite.

They gave some dogs a day at the spa on Saturday afternoon. They used to wash the dogs every year, but the pandemic has slowed them down.

They said the turnout was great; at least a dozen dogs received baths in their first hour.

“We are so excited because not only does this raise money for our club, but it also gives us experience and allows us to help the community. For just ten dollars we can wash your dog and give him a really good experience, so it’s just one of the many amazing things we’ve been able to do together as a club,” said chairman Jordan Pruitt.

They say the money is going towards behind-the-scenes trips to zoos, aquariums and more. It provides students with rewarding opportunities to prepare for the future. Many of their fundraising efforts also benefit local organizations, like the Champaign Humane Society.

“It helps people find exactly what they are passionate about. We have students who, throughout their trips to zoos, have really learned that they love exotic animals, that they love the zoo, or that there is a specific species they want to work with,” said Pruitt.

They say if you want to know when the next fundraisers are, you can check their social media pages.

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