Golf club moves to tees based on capacity rather than gender

A Cheshire golf club has announced that it has ended its gender segregation of tees and instead all golfers can choose where to play, depending on their ability.

Hartford Golf Club has said it has abandoned the tradition of men and women starting from different positions and instead players are asked to select tees based on distance and ability. It is hoped that this will help attract more women to football.

Many golf courses have different tee areas with the closest one to the hole for women only.

However, posting a photo of a sign at the Rio Hondo Golf Club in the United States, in which golfers play on the tee that best suits their abilities, Hartford announced on social media: “We have moved away from the kind tees like this golf club. below and we rely more on the ability, but mostly on the fun of the game! What do you think? Is this the way forward for golf? “

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Those who regularly shoot over 100 are encouraged to avoid reds, under 100 on yellows, 90 on whites, and below 80 on blues. Supporters of the trend, which started in the United States but quickly gained popularity in Britain, argue that it will help keep the game going by dividing members purely by preference.

The post divided followers, with some praising the movement as forward thinking and others accusing the club of signaling virtue.

“We’re just trying to be progressive enough,” said Paul Cunningham, who is the club’s retail manager and manages its social media accounts. “We want to move the game forward.

“Golf is evolving and I think for the better. We are trying to get rid of a lot of these old and traditional rules.

Sheringham Golf Club in Norfolk was among the first to introduce ‘genderless’ t-shirts and now offers three sets for men and women. There is another set of black t-shirts, which are reserved for men on the advice of the county women’s association.

Club manager Neal Milton said: “It has been a great success, especially with our senior men and higher handicap ladies, who now have the option to play a shorter course.”

Trentham Park in Staffordshire also followed suit, introducing a black tee for a 6,390 yard course, blue for 6,188 and green for 5,255. Each of the layouts were measured and scored for male and female members, who received new scorecards.

The club said the change was made to allow longevity for aging players who may feel like they are losing length. He added that it would also benefit beginners who might have been embarrassed to play in front of the clubhouse by giving them the option to use the front tee at around 100 yards.

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