Golf course sold for £ 39million to property developer

A golf course in Manchester is to be sold to a property developer for almost £ 40million and is expected to be converted into almost 700 homes.

Bellway Homes agreed to buy Brackley Golf Course for £ 39.3million on December 1, according to Manchester Evening News.

The Salford site, which has not played golf since 2016, is partly owned by Salford City Council, which will pocket £ 18.5million from the sale – the largest single capital inflow in its 47 years of operation. ‘story.

The town hall, which decided to sell the site for housing in 2018, also granted a building permit for the construction of 677 houses on the golf course in 2019.

Deputy Salford Council Director Peter Openshaw said the new homes – ranging from two-bed semi-trailers to four-bed detached homes – will have a “higher value” than originally expected.

He said: “While there is no obligation from a planning standpoint to provide affordable housing, they said they would sit down with us to see what is possible.

“This is not factored into their plans at the moment, but they are ready to speak to us without obligation. “

Salford Mayor Paul Dennett said: “It’s unfortunate that a master plan has already been granted on this, but it’s reassuring that the developer is ready to have this conversation with us on affordable housing.

“I hope we will do this to further improve all the measures you have just shared with us.

“As you know, I am one of those people who loves to have my cake and eat it.”

The local authority expects to earn over £ 1.1million per year in municipal taxes on new properties, as well as £ 4.5million from the New Homes Bonus.

The land sale agreement includes a condition that allows city council to buy back the land if Bellway does not build the homes according to plans.

The homebuilder is emerging as a true living wage employer and plans to pay all of his contractors the true living wage within three years, he says.

The development would consist of 36 apartments, 76 two-bedroom semi-detached houses and 250 three-bedroom semi-detached houses, as well as 217 three-bedroom single-family houses and 111 four-bedroom single-family houses.

Changes are to be made to the plans to allow the construction of the additional 13 housing units, but work is expected to begin on the site around the start of the new year.

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