Hee-woo joins Seoul office and attends secret club party

Still my life (어게인 마이 라이프) is a 2022 Korean drama starring Lee Joon-gi, Lee Kyoung-young, Kim Ji-eun and Jung Sang-hoon. It is based on the web novel of the same name written by Lee Hae-nal. This Law Kdrama steeped in fantasy and mystery is directed by Han Chul-soo. Still my life Episode 7 has a duration of 70 minutes.

-Still my life episode 7 to summarize Contains spoilers-

Kim Hee-woo catches the drug cartel and reports to the other team and they catch the human trafficking racket at the same time. This puts Yuchae gang leader Moon Gu-jun in a difficult position. Hee-woo takes the leader’s statement in spirit and now it’s show time. Chief Jeon has held a press conference to announce the outcome of their case, but as Hee-woo is about to announce the names of those involved, he receives a call from Chief Jeon who tells him to drop the name of assembly member Gu.

Still from Episode 7 of Again My Life

Prosecutor Kim Seok-ho had ordered Jeon to drop Gu’s name. Even though Jeon and Hee-woo didn’t like it, they thought it was their ticket to Seoul. As promised, Kim Seok-ho admits them to the Seoul prosecutor’s office, but he still doesn’t trust Chief Jeon. Jeon was known as Tiger among bigwigs in Seoul due to his tough attitude, and he was transferred because he obstructed the illegal activities of top politicians and business tycoons.

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Kim Seok-ho tells Hee-woo that he trusts him and orders him to keep an eye on Jeon. Seok-ho doesn’t trust anyone easily and he wouldn’t trust Hee-woo either. Knowing that Hee-woo checks their office and finds Jeon’s office bugged. Along with Jeon, Hee-woo plans to work on their behalf. They plan their conversations and Hee-woo reports the same to Seok-ho, which helps Hee-woo gain his trust in Seok-ho. After being sure of Hee-woo and Jeon, Seok-ho transfers Hee-woo to work under Jang Il-hyun.

Still my life episode 7
Still from Episode 7 of Again My Life

Jang Il-hyun is close to Cho Tae-seub and Hee-woo and Jeon’s first target. Hee-woo has been part of the Secret Club since he was a college student, and now that he’s a prosecutor, it’s time for him to meet the other members. Il-hyun takes her to the club’s secret party, whose leader is Cho Tae-seub and according to tradition, Cho Tae-seub has a private conversation with the club’s newest and youngest member, Kim Hee-woo. Cho Tae-seub tests Hee-woo’s thoughts and when reassured, reveals to Hee-woo that he aims to become the ruler of the country, that he is aiming for the presidential elections.

My Life Again Episode 7 Ending

Lee Min-soo arrested the CEO of Mirae Electronics and the Mirae Group is associated with Cho Tae-seub. The arrest of the CEO has caused chaos in the media and the CEO is not happy with it. As expected, the case is taken from Min-soo and Il-hyun takes over. To stop the Mirae Group news, Il-hyun plans to give people some sensational news. He is going to trap an innocent and poor medical student in a case of murdering his own girlfriend. Hee-woo has seen his file and he is troubled by this unjust cause. Can Hee-woo save innocent people?

My Life Again OST: Burn

Again My Life episode 7 review

Still my life Episode 7 serves up a witty conversation between the top prosecutors in the land. This episode clearly shows how the people in power control everything in their favor. They won’t look back by ruining an innocent person’s life. Vile politicians and business tycoons are among the most evil people who wear the mask of a saint in public.

Still my life Episode 7 is available to watch on Viki.

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