Here’s how an NFL star’s Topgolf game could have won you a free beer

A free beer from a Topgolf game? Don’t worry if we do.

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There are few more beautiful experiences in life than that of the free drink. It is a moment of instant connection between the giver and the taker – a charitable contribution of which each party is the beneficiary.

Topgolf is a frequent setting for free drinks. A restaurant and bar are integrated into the arcade-style driving range, which naturally lends itself to an element of competition. For those with a competitive edge who frequent Topgolf, a common bet for the competition is the next round of drinks.

On Thursday night, a group of NFL stars gathered at Topgolf in Nashville, Tenn. True to form, the group performed for free drinks, but with a twist: The competition winner won not only free drinks for himself, but for his the whole fan base.

The idea started with San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle “Narrow university,”A camp-like experience for top NFL players in this position. Over the past week, more than 40 tight ends of the NFL have descended on Nashville to attend camp and learn more about their standing among the league’s best.

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As with any good summer camp, Kittle and Co. has worked hard to incorporate bonding opportunities between the tight ends present. The players all stay together in a hotel, eat their meals together, and participate in various activities together on and off the field.

The last of these activities took place on Thursday evening, when the camp descended on Topgolf for some friendly competition. But when they got there, the players were alerted of a change of plan – the competition was about to get a lot less friendly.

As part of the outing, players would each compete in a long distance competition at Topgolf to determine a winner. Bud Light has agreed to provide free beer to the winning player’s town.

On Monday afternoon, Kittle took to Twitter to announce the winner of the contest: Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

“My guy @TKelce hit some bombs at TEU and won @BudLight free for all @Chiefs fans in Kansas City on National Tight Ends Day,” Kittle said. “That boy like that!”

Fans of the Chiefs who wish to claim their free beer can do so on National Tight End day October 24, and should be on the lookout for more information from Bud Light on how to cash in.

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