HighSchoolOT All-State Women’s Golf Team for the 2021 Fall Season

The Second Annual HighSchoolOT Girls’ Golf Team features 11 returning selections.

HSOT uses the championship scores to determine who makes the first, second and third team, calculating each player’s handicap differential based on those performances to balance the varying difficulties of the four different courses that were used.

To break the ties between players who had the same league scores but were tied for one of the last places in the first, second or third team, we looked at which course was more difficult. If there were still ties, they were broken based on A) NCISAA player rank during the season or B) performance at the NCHSAA Regional Championships. This year we had to use regional performances to determine the final place in the three teams.

Reagan, who finished the season # 1 on the statewide HighSchoolOT rankings, placed two players in the first team and one in the third team. Cardinal Gibbons, second, had players in the first and second teams, while Pinecrest, third, landed two players in the third team.

Full teams are listed below, with players listed in order of their handicap differential based on their league scores.

Although the NC Independent Schools Athletic Association Championship is still condensed into one round, the NC High School Athletic Association has returned to a two-day event this season.


First team

Morgan Ketchum, Reagan (senior) – 4A champion, (-4) 140
Kiera Bartholomew, North Raleigh Christian (junior) – NCISAA D1 Champion, (-7) 65
Emily Mathews, Eastern Alamance (junior) – 3A champion, (E) 144
Macy Pate, Reagan (second year) – T2e in 4A, (E) 144
Elizabeth Rudisill, Myers Park (freshman) – T2e in 4A, (E) 144
Ella Perna, Cardinal Gibbons (senior) – 4th in 4A, (+1) 145
Ellie Hildreth, Hoggard (freshman) – 6th in 4A, (+2) 146
Leah Edwards, Northwest Guilford (freshman) – 7th in 4A, (+3) 147
Karsyn Roberts, Wayne Country Day (second year) – NCISAA D2 Champion, (-4) 140
Maria Atwood, Holly Springs (senior) – T7e in 4A, (+4) 148

Second team

Justine Pennycooke, Green Hope (junior) – T7e in 4A, (+4) 148
Nicole Nash, Ardrey Kell (second year) – T7e in 4A, (+4) 148
Sophie Lauture, Cox Mill (second year) – 10th in 4A. (+5) 149
Jenna Kim, Durham Academy (Grade 7) – 2nd in NCISAA D1, (-3) 69
Anna Howerton, Reagan (senior) – T11e in 4A, (+6) 150
Kaitlyn Rand, Cardinal Gibbons (senior) – T11e in 4A, (+6) 150
Sadler Miller, Corinth Holders (junior) – T13th in 4A, (+7) 151
Terra Schmitt, Wakefield (junior) – T13th in 4A, (+7) 151
Maya Beasley, O’Neal School (junior) – 2nd in NCISAA D2, (-2) 70
Shea Smith, Ardrey Kell (junior) – T15e in 4A, (+8) 152

Third team

Jayden Ford, Pinecrest (senior) – T15e in 4A, (+8) 152
Boonyanant Rujiranan, Pinecrest (second year) – 17th in 4A, (+9) 153
Heather Appelson, Heritage (junior) – T18th in 4A, (+10) 154
Cailynn Winford, Mooresville (junior) – T18th in 4A, (+10) 154
Katelyn Griggs, Gray Stone Day (junior) – Champion 1A / 2A, (+9) 153
Sanaa Carter, Jacksonville (freshman) – 2nd in 3A, (+12) 156
Bethany Welch, Carmel Christian (junior) – 3rd in NCISAA D1, (E) 72
Mary-Paige King, West Forsyth (junior) – 20th in 4A, (+12) 156
Jillian Fatkin, South Brunswick (freshman) – 3rd in 3A, (+13) 157
Isabel Noot, Marvin Ridge (junior) – T21e in 4A, (+13) 157

Repeat selections for all states: Ketchum, Bartholomew, Mathews, Pate, Perna, Roberts, Atwood, Pennycooke, Howerton, Miller, and Appelson.

Repeat the first team selections: Ketchum, Mathews, Pate and Atwood.

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