Ice Bowl at Dodds Park

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – Champaign had 38 people competing today in the ice cream bowl. This year was the 12th edition bowl of ice cream which is a disc golf tournament held around the world. Some people drove over an hour to pass frisbees.

Nathaniel Kaiser said, “We drove here about an hour from Peoria to play disc golf.”

Kaiser plays disc golf almost five days a week when the weather is warm, but today he and his wife had more reason to play.

“We love doubles tournaments and we know it’s for a good cause, so it’s a two-on-two there I think,” Kaiser said.

The Bowl of Ice is a disc golf event that brings players together for a good cause.

Wilbur Wallis, member of Champaign Disk Golf, said: “It’s an international thing that we’re doing in local areas each having a tournament in December, January and February.”

The money collected from participants is donated to the fight against hunger.

“Everyone is fundraising for their local food bank,” Wallis said.

Each year, they set a local and global objective.

Wallis said: “The target this year is 35,000 and our local target is 2,000.”

People have been attending the event in Champaign for 11 years. We spoke with some players who say the weather didn’t help their game, but they still had fun.

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