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Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, also known as DAOs, represent a growing organizational use case in the blockchain ecosystem. These crypto-native organizations have become popular mechanisms for quickly raising capital and deploying it to achieve the collective’s goal – an almost crowdfunding mechanism on the blockchain.

Recently, you may have heard of a fundraiser to purchase a PGA-caliber golf course. The company behind the raise – known as LinksDAO – is the most recent example of a crypto community coming together to gain co-ownership of a unique asset.

The principle of LinksDAO is simple: to create a modern golf and leisure club owned by people who participate in the DAO. How did they get there? First by selling about 9,000 membership NFTs with a total value of $10.5 million. While the fundraiser provides the funds to purchase what they are looking for, there has yet to be an announcement regarding their target golf course.

Legal issues will be considered for this and many other DAOs, as regulatory issues with owning assets could hamper initial efforts. In time, however, many of the early space builders believe these hurdles will likely be overcome.

“There are obviously still a lot of uncertainties,” Mike Dudas, founder of LinksDAO, told “But that’s how startups work. People are usually not aware of so many details so early. »

There are many other applications for DAOs

Although LinksDAO is just one example application of DAOs, various use cases have been proven over the past twelve months. Applications include, but are not limited to:

  • creator CAD
  • Protocol CAD
  • Collector CAD
  • Investment CAD
  • Media DAO
  • Social DAOS

These are just a few examples of technology applications. During this Heat Check week, we explain the functionality of DAOs, provide use cases for organizational structure, map the current landscape, and show how much capital is flowing into the space.

View the full report here.

ICYMI: Last week we released a new Heat check on alternative asset platforms. You can access this report and our entire research catalog at Insights headquarters.

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