Life lessons through miniature golf

Thank goodness we are emerging from the pandemic and are able to get out and move.

Thank goodness for the continued efforts of our program coordinator, Morgan Harris, and the staff at the Big Brothers Big Sisters regional central office, who have worked tirelessly to identify grant funds that encourage outdoor activities for our “Small” in Henderson County and western North Carolina. Region.

We have benefited from multi-country activities that bring together large and small from many of our regional BBBS affiliate counties.

One of those sponsored activities was a recent miniature golf tournament hosted by Fireside Golf at Brookside Camp Road in Hendersonville.

Cristian has been paired with me for almost four years, and one of his favorite things to do is miniature golf. This tournament was therefore the perfect way to get excited about this outdoor activity.

In fact, we ‘trained’ for the event and played the tournament twice in the weeks leading up to the event. He was excited to play and we focused on his putting skills, especially his aim, keeping his head down, which is not easy, and carefully stroking the ball.

Joe sherman

I saw great concentration from Cristian and an improvement in his game from our first day of training until the second. Then we got to the tournament, where he carefully used all the tips and practice rounds.

We won the tournament and Cristian’s score was 10 strokes higher than our first round of practice. He was excited about the victory and thought our practice laps had made a big difference.

For the remainder of this summer, we are locating other miniature golf courses in the area, anticipating new challenges at new locations.

Watching Cristian grow up with new experiences, I see that he enthusiastically embraces the challenges we face. He’s open to new ideas and he’s developed his list of activities that he considers important to him, so we’re going to be revisiting the places and things we’ve already done, and new things we still need to do.

His grandmother always sends us with the warning that we do “boyish” things. Our time together, although somewhat hampered by the pandemic, is doing just that.

He grows up with the lessons and experiences we have together, and he continues to surprise me with his sensitivity and interest in trying new and different things.

Our time together has been well spent, with more to do on the horizon.

Joe Sherman volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters of West North Carolina, both as “Big” to “Small” and as a member of the Henderson County Advisory Council.

For more information on how you can volunteer for BBBS, contact Program Coordinator Morgan Harris at [email protected] or call 828-507-6644.

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