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Which golf courses can you get loans from?

The term “commercial golf course” refers to a type of mortgage that helps finance the golf course. Golf courses are categorized as a type of entertainment/recreational property under the commercial umbrella. Borrowers are able to put up to 30% down on purchasing a golf course, and then finance the remainder of the cost. It is normal for owners of golf courses to refinance their loans to get better rates and terms or their term loan is due. Cash-out mortgages in the first or second lien is a great way to finance improvements to golf courses rehabilitation, expansion, and other improvements. Construction loans like Payday Champion for golf courses are also available for the construction of the course of your dreams.

The financing for golf courses can be utilized to fulfill any of the following reasons:

  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Refinance in order to take cash from the property
  • Building or construction
  • Remodel or renovate and/or rehab
  • Development and acquisition
  • Repositioning the property to the market

How can I obtain the financing I need for my golf course?

A borrower may obtain the loan through traditional lenders which include an institution like a bank or credit union or an alternative source like a private lender or a hard money lender. A complete appraisal and documentation are typically required to secure the lowest rate of interest, however, there are loan options for those who are unable to supply the necessary documentation or under faceless typical circumstances. In certain circumstances, the borrower might require quick closing and seek out no- or low-documentation loans, based on the equity in their property. These types of loans typically have LTVs of 55-65 percent, and they can be closed within under two weeks. Mortgage financing typically uses the first position lien, however certain golf course lenders provide second mortgages. This kind of golf course financing offers the borrower the opportunity to get cash which can be used to enhance the property with renovations as well as expansion, landscaping, and many more.

Input the details of your loan in the search for lenders above to see a list of lenders who can fund the mortgage you need to meet the loan you’re considering. Select the “Contact” button within the lender list to give them the details you sought and your contact details.

If you’re the owner of or the manager of a golf club, you may want to seek out an expert in commercial mortgages to help you. The lenders listed on this site collaborate with mortgage brokers to meet their clients’ mortgage needs.

What is a hard golf course money loan?

Hard money loans provide quick closing and lower LTVs but they typically have to be repaid in only a few years, which may be difficult for certain customers. The advantage is that they can be used in less traditional loan situations and require less documentation than banks. In certain cases, it is possible to borrow using documents from banks instead of taxes and could be eligible for loans with a FICO score less than 500. In exchange, the lender can offer a lower interest rate, however, they might be able to close the loan in just a few days or even weeks. These loans can be based on equity and, therefore, LTVs of 50 to the 65% range is standard. 

Which lenders can provide the possibility of financing golf courses?

A variety of banks, private lenders, and non-banks provide loans for golf courses. Utilize the search engine, to discover many lenders can fund any loan application.

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