McManus: $ 16 Million Mistake Means Teachers Likely To Receive Less Increase Than Promised In Additional Pay | Education

As part of the salary plan, 10-month first-year teachers enrolled in the bachelor’s degree program would have received $ 8,200 per year in local supplements, the school district said in a press release.

Now that the miscalculation has been discovered, school administrators will present an updated salary schedule to the education board on Tuesday, McManus said. The school board will look at the school district’s budget and decide what the new local supplement will be, she said.

“While it is probably not as high as the amounts shown in the previously approved schedule,” said McManus, “as we have said from the start of this process, we are committed to ensuring a significant increase in supplements. for our staff.

“The goal of our proposal will be to minimize the gap between what was released in December and what is more in line with the amount of money available for supplements,” McManus said.

The proposal will include a minimum average annual supplement increase of $ 1,800, McManus said. That will vary depending on where the employees are part of the overtime, she said. The annual supplement for beginning teachers would be at least $ 6,400, McManus said.

“Again, while not as high as what was previously approved, this supplement increase will be larger than in previous years,” she said.

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