New project to introduce children to golf launched at the Open

A project to get more kids to play golf was launched at the 149th Open at the Royal St George’s Golf Club in Kent.

National junior charity The Golf Foundation unveiled “Golfway” in the R&A SwingZone at Spectator Village in Royal St George’s – “a fun new way to learn golf for kids at school.” It was created for teachers to easily familiarize themselves with and to improve the outreach work of PGA professionals in schools and communities.

Nicola Bennett, an emerging professional golfer, social influencer and golf coach who introduced golf to the London area where she grew up, launched it.

Nicola, of the Bush Hill Park Golf Club, supported a recent community golf project in east London, presenting a golf session for young people from Valencia Primary School in Dagenham to play, and then providing support to children at six schools by helping to present the Crowlands Schools Festival, alongside Chris Jenkins, PGA Professional at the Crowlands Golf Center.

Nicola bennett

Golfway equipment is designed and produced by The Masters Golf Company for young children of all skill levels and enables games and practice drills to deliver fun golf sessions. It is hoped that it will be distributed to two million children in 7,500 schools over the next five years as part of a program that connects schools and local PGA professionals and offers four coaching sessions that advance children up to a fifth session in an accredited room. golf Club.

Andy Leigh, who heads schools for the Golf Foundation, said: “The four new key elements of our support for elementary schools, which include new equipment, a structured curriculum, training and a revamped school play competition, are very exciting. We truly believe that this new, reimagined way of presenting golf is poised to bring golf to the masses by engaging with more schools.

“We are delighted that Golfway has fantastic facilities to take our work to a whole new level in the schools of the future. “

Chris Smith of Masters Golf said: “We are delighted that the expertise we have developed over many years in junior golf, which has led to the creation of Golfway and the format of play, ShortGolf, now supports the will of the Golf Foundation to bring golf to a new generation of young people.

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