Park District Presents Design for New Regional Park on Former Roddy Ranch Golf Course in Antioch

Roddy Ranch Regional Park Privileged concept Bird’s eye view and location map. Source: BERPD

By Eddie Willis, Planner, East Bay Regional Park District

Greetings Regional Park supporters!

Notable features of the preferred design concept include:

  • Approximately 4 miles of new trails, including a 1.6 mile accessible loop
  • Equestrian parking and dedicated bus
  • An interpretation pavilion and a shade structure
  • An upper and lower picnic area
  • Two acres of enhanced seasonal wetlands and vernal pools
  • 7 miles of canal restoration/creation/improvement

Roddy Ranch Regional Park Preferred Concept Plan. Source: BERPD

These design documents can be consulted directly on the project webpageand here is a brief summary of each:

  • Favorite Concept – Video Presentation: a short video explaining the main elements of the preferred design concept.
  • Favorite Concept – Map: The preferred design emphasizes maximizing wetland habitat and drainage channels by directing water to existing wetlands and creating new vernal pools and ponds. Runoff at the top of the watershed will flow strategically along the surface and underground to the wetlands at the base of the hills. Recreational improvements are concentrated to the east and provide exposure to the open landscape to the west. A short, accessible loop greets users at the entrance and is paved with concrete, reminiscent of the old cart lanes of golf courses. The trail network also includes an additional accessible trail, as well as longer lookouts and dirt trails that lead visitors through a variety of experiences.
  • Favorite Concept – Bird’s Eye View: This is a perspective view of the preferred trail alignments and restoration features of the future park of the former golf course. The view looks northwest towards the Black Diamond Mines Regional Reserve in the distance. The future staging area is at the bottom center of the image.
  • East Overlook – Rendering: This image shows the reuse of a former golf tee as an informal gazebo. Mt. Diablo is not visible from all places on site, but it is from this lookout. Informal multi-use paths wind through the hillside in the background.
  • Staging area – Rendering: This image shows the new multi-use accessible pathway and shade pavilion in the background with the new parking lot/ staging area marked by the grove of trees on the far right.

If you have any comments or questions about the preferred design concept, the project team would be happy to receive them via the comments area on the project page. here.

Thank you for supporting the efforts of the Park District and Habitat Conservancy to develop this former 230-acre golf course into Antioch’s newest regional park, and please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] or 510 -544-2621.

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