Parkland Crime Update: Stalking and Fraud

By Kevin Deutsch

Thanks to our joint efforts with the Broward Sheriff’s Office to share updates with residents, this is a summary of crimes and other incidents in Parkland through August 16, 2021.

Criminal mischief

On August 12, MPs responded to the delayed vandalism of a 2021 Cadillac SUV in which the right rear tire was cut, causing it to flatten out. The complainant indicated that at approximately 11:55 p.m. after arriving home, she parked the SUV in her driveway. At 8:30 a.m. that morning, as she was about to go to work, she noticed that the right rear tire was flat. While inspecting the tire, the complainant noticed that there was a cut in the tire that began on the sidewall and up to the first row of treads. Due to the delay and the lack of witnesses to the vandalism, information on the suspects is unknown.


Desare Kohn Lasky

NW 77e Manor

On August 12, MPs contacted the reporter who said he was buying windows from a Miami business. The Appellant indicated that he wired $ 10,000 to the business last month. The Appellant indicated that the company told him today that they had not asked him for money.


Miralago Way

On August 11, MPs responded after a disruption over a dispute involving a landscaping company.

Missing person

On August 9, a minor took out the trash and did not return. No history of mental illness or addiction. He ran away a month ago and disappeared for four days.


On August 12, a victim of harassment was reported.


Path to the Isle of Pines.

On August 10, a trespass victim was reported on Pine Island Rd. A person was located on school property claiming to be paying YouTube tribute to victims of crime. The deputies violated the person’s property.

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Kevin deutsch

Kevin deutsch

Kevin Deutsch is an award-winning criminal journalist and author. A graduate of Florida International University, Kevin has served on staff for the Miami Herald, the New York Daily News, and the Palm Beach Post.

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