Parkland is preparing to bring a new electric vehicle charging concept to its network

The winning concept will be used as part of an extension of Parkland’s ultra-fast electric vehicle charging network in British Columbia, according to Espey.

“While EVs currently represent approximately 1% of total vehicles in Canada and the United States, we believe that in some markets, particularly British Columbia [BC]meeting the needs of electric vehicle drivers presents an opportunity that adds strongly to our business,” he said. “The commitment to build the largest ultra-fast charging network in British Columbia and to build the electric charging destination of the future are just two examples of how we are seizing opportunities to meet the needs of our customers in a way new and creative.”

Parkland, of Calgary, is an independent supplier and distributor of fuels and petroleum products and a convenience store operator. Parkland currently serves customers across Canada, the United States, the Caribbean region and the Americas through three channels: retail, trade and wholesale.

In addition to its electric vehicle charging initiative, Parkland also plans this year to continue to grow its existing business by further strengthening its retail and supply capabilities in all geographies and adding new accounts to grow its customer base and market share, the chief executive said during the earnings call.

The company’s plans include the expansion of its On the Run convenience stores in the United States and Canada, which will include the launch of stand-alone Canadian stores that will include a strong food component based on the proven capabilities of M&M Food Market.

In late January 2022, Parkland announced that it was acquiring M&M Food Market of Mississauga, Ontario, a premium restaurant-quality frozen food retailer. The acquisition includes more than 300 freestanding and company-owned franchise stores; over 2,000 M&M Express slots; and a rewards program with around 2 million active members, like Convenience store news Previously reported.

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