Parkland resident charged with battery

Parkland resident accused of beating his wife
Michel zelman

By Kevin Deutsch

A Parkland man has been charged with drums after MPs said he repeatedly slapped and punched his victim, court documents show.

Mitchel Zelman, 41, of Cypress Head, was arrested on October 3 after allegedly punching the female victim “repeatedly” while sitting on the toilet, according to an arrest affidavit filed by the office from the Sheriff of Broward.

The victim told MPs that Zelman “slapped the face [her] through the face several times with an open hand “, then” began to hit the victim in [her] face many times, ”the affidavit states.

The beatings left her nose with blood, which may have been shattered by the beatings, according to BSO.

Zelman told MPs he was defending himself. He said his victim attacked him first and slapped his face several times, but “there were no injuries as he said,” MPs wrote.

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The victim, whose name is not disclosed, was taken to West Boca Medical Center for treatment.

Zelman was taken to BSO’s main prison and released on $ 1,000 bail, records show.

He pleaded not guilty to the battery charge.

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Kevin deutsch

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