Rep. Deutch leads bipartisan effort to save rescue dogs

By Kevin Deutsch

Representative Ted Deutch is leading a bipartisan effort to bring dozens of abused and stranded rescue dogs into the United States after the CDC suspended dog imports from 113 countries.

The federal agency announced the restriction on imports in July amid concerns about rabies. But the move had the unintended effect of crippling dog rescue organizations around the world and leaving many dogs stranded, including 120 who survived the meat trade and remain stranded in China.

“The CDC’s ban does not recognize the complexity of international dog rescue transport,” said Deutch, congressman from Coral Springs and Parkland. He was among 57 members of the US House of Representatives from both parties who sent a letter to the CDC this week opposing the suspension.

“We can protect public health while allowing relief groups to continue their work,” Deutch added. “American families should be able to save animals from abroad, as long as we ensure they are free from any disease that poses a threat to those families or their other furry friends.”

The CDC said the suspension will remain in place for at least a year due to a dramatic increase in the number of puppies imported into the United States with fake rabies vaccine certificates.

But the bipartisan group in Congress said the suspension had gone too far.

“Dogs destined for US adoption can be safely imported by requiring confirmation of rabies vaccination by a licensed veterinarian in the country of origin, followed by a rabies serologic test at least 30 days after vaccination. “, wrote the representatives.

Jackie Finnegan, vice president and CEO of US operations at No Dogs Left Behind, said CDC policy left 120 of the rescue organization’s dogs – all survivors of the dog meat trade – stranded in China “with no way of returning home to the American families who adopted them.

According to the anti-cruelty to animals group Animal Wellness Action, approximately one million dogs are imported into the United States each year. But only three cases of canine rabies have been recorded among dogs imported since 2015, each of them from Egypt, the organization said.

“This strong bipartisan call for the CDC to rescind its dog import ban policy … is just the latest indicator that Congress is fed up with the agency on this issue,” said Marty Irby, director. Executive of Animal Wellness Action.

Rep. Deutch leads bipartisan effort to save rescue dogs

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