Ron Serena and Mike Phillips score in the Fall Classic

Results fell for the Canyon Oaks Men’s Fall Classic and Ron Serena and Mike Phillips’ team were the big winners, taking home the biggest slice of bacon on the first flight, as well as their squad redemption bonus, with a net score of 103.4.

The format, as reported last week in the two-man tournament, was 9 alternate shot holes, 9 scrambling holes and 9 best ball holes.

The other people who got credit in the golf shop on the first flight were: 2, Logan Gough and Blake Bornand, 104.52; 3, Paul McIntosh and Eric Sargent, 104.67; 4, Matt Lucena and Frank Norton, 105.12; 5, Brian Endemano and Mario Garibotti, 105.5; 6, Blake Meester and Mike O’Donnell, 105.9.

Second flight: 1, Mike Wear and Mike Janke, 104.92; 2, Jeremy Jones and James Ratekin, 105.1; 3, John Soldate and Chris Brunemeyer, 105.45; 4, Jess Serrao and Chris Kobz, 106.45; 5, Tony Pozas and Brandon Harris, 110.55; 6, Randy Maday and Jeff Jordan, 110.8.

Canyon Oaks Women’s Golf Club hosted a three-player Turkey Trot scrambling format for their weekly game.

No. 1, Shelley Carney, Fran Wedow and Melinda Self, 62.8; 2, Cynthia Paulo, Linda Alworth and Pam Coleman, 65.7; 3, Sally Pearson, Vickie Spelts and Jakki Thomas, 66.5. Closest to pin on # 3: 1, Gina Davis; 2, Coleman; 3, Carney. Carney definitely contributed to his team’s success by getting birdies on holes 13, 17 and 18.

The Canyon Oaks Senior Men’s Club hosted a Turkey Trot, 4 player, two best balls, shamble format for their November sweep tournament.

No. 1. Alex McKenzie, Mark Block, Keith Chamberlin and George Palmer, 110; 2, Rick Barrett, Gayland Taylor, David Major and a blind draw, 120; 3, Emmett Lazaro, Jim Serrao, Tim Lehor and Mike Loofbourrow, 123. Closest winners: # 3, Marty Coil; # 6, Bob Kromer; No. 11, McKenzie; No. 14, Bob O’Sullivan.

Table Mountain Golf Course

The Table Mountain Men’s Golf Club hosted a two-man tournament, a better ball for their recent tournament. Eighty-two players participated, which required four flights.

First flight: 1, Guy Latouche and Garrett Moon, 56 years old; 2, Chuck Conner and Marcus Walberg, 57; 3, Alonzo Jones and Joey Lauer, 58. Second flight: 1, Joseph Lombardi and Hardeep Mundh, 59; 2, Peter Huru and Vince Somano, 61, licensed; 3, Stuart Avrit and Johnny Smith, 61 years old.

Third theft: 1, Dave Abercrombie and John Bailey, 60, licensed; 2, Gabe Anders and Ron Weiss, 60; 3, Robbie Olive and Wil Olive, 62; Fourth flight: 1, Jim Friese and Jacob Voris, 60, dismissed; 2, Jody Carlson and Eddie Parker, 60, laid off; 3, Robert Anderson and CJ Halterman, 60. Closest winners: Hole 2, John Fleischman; # 7, Scott branch; No. 16, Latouche.

All Table Mountain Men’s Club tournaments are Player of the Year points events and all players earn points, even just for participating.

The top five current leaders are: 1, Cal Bailey; 2, David Abercrombie; 3, Pete Huru; 4, Ron Weiss; 5, Jody Carlson.

The Table Mountain Women’s Golf Club counted even holes for their weekly outing, subtracting half a player’s handicap. Sally Stemen had a low gross on the day of the 84 shot. Liz Hofeling was under par for a 71 and a low net.

First flight: 1, Sherry Sue, 38.5; 2, Pam Weichert, 41.5; 3, Dana Blanton, 42. Second flight: 1, Christl Yates, 38; 2, Deb Lerner, 40.5, card-off; 3, Betty Horton, 40.5; Third flight: 1, Elaine Thomas, 39.5; 2, Pete Powell, 43.5; 3, Pam Eaton, 44 years old. Closest to the hairpin on n ° 3, Thomas.

Butte Creek Country Club

The Butte Creek Senior’s Men’s Club hosted a “Goodie” Net Tournament for their monthly outing.

White Start Flight: 1, Dave Smith, 70; 2, Michael Rutledge, 71; 3, Art Gausemel, 76. Combined departure flight white-blue: 1, Randy Holt, 70; 2, Bruce Whitegiver, 77.

The Butte Creek Women’s Golf Club held their annual turkey shooting tournament last week.

First flight: 1, Sherri Kimmelshue, 71; 2, Sheila McMurphy, 74; 3, Sandy Fortino, 76, via a cardboard-off against Irma Jenkins and Jeannie Stone. Second flight: 1, Karen Beckman, 71; 2, Joye Smith, 77; 3, Janet Alves, 79 years old.

Bidwell Park Golf Course

Bidwell Park Women’s Golf Club hosted a “Turkey Bowl” format for their game of the week, in which players could strike out three connecting holes if one of the holes included a par three. Kelly MacKinnon had a low gross on the day of the first flight with a score of 90.

Net low game: 1, Gloria Burson, 56; 2, Betty Linzy, 57 years old. Second flight low: Jolene Nixon, 103. Low net: May Gallaway, 58. Third flight low gross: Joan Patton, 105. Low net: 1, Flo Herrera, 54; 2, tie, Sue Blizman and Molly Barnum, 55.

Junior golf

Amy Na, a 15-year-old sophomore at Pleasant Valley High School, qualified for the CIF Girls’ High School State Championship. Na was 24th, 76 above par at Poppy Hills Golf Course. Congratulations!

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