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Marlins Senior Men.

THE SCU Marlins Rugby Club has announced that all home games will be played at Coffs Harbor Sport and Leisure Park for the 2022 season.

Marlins Club president Chris Rowthorne predicts a natural increase in the number of players and spectators due to the move.

“This is a huge victory for the club, Southern Cross University has been a big home for our club, but the capital required to bring the playing surface, dressing rooms and spectator infrastructure to the desired level is far beyond of what is available.

“We will continue to train and have a close bond with Uni and the move is purely for game days.

“We are delighted to be playing on the best surface with the best facilities for the players and spectators of the competition from 2022.

“We are an inclusive rugby club providing rugby opportunities for children ages seven to seniors and the club has a reputation for producing representative players who pursue professional rugby careers.

“I would like to thank the council representatives for their support and approval in securing the move and the University representatives for also approving the move, we look forward to our first home game in 2022,” said Chris .

The Marlins have had an impressive 2021 season, showing their strength in all divisions, finishing second in freshman, reserve and women in the regular season and the Under-14s had an outstanding season winning the first. minor minister and winning all their matches.

Rugby director and first-year captain AJ Gilbert said the move will continue to help their growth.

“This is an important step in taking the club in the direction we wanted, our committee has worked tirelessly throughout the season, and it is a deserved reward.

“Players and coaches are looking forward to playing on our new ground in 2022,” said AJ.


The Under-14 Marlins defeated the Minor Premiers.
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