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Edin Mujagic, son of Duzela and Husejn Mujagic, is a sixth year student at Scott Middle School. Edin was nominated to be a leader in class discussions, to be a role model of positivity, and to be responsible and respectful. He notably received the Einstein Mastery of Algebra and Geometry 2021 award last spring at Cavett Elementary School. In tennis, Edin won gold medals in his age group at the Cornhusker State Games and the Woods Tennis Center. In football, his team were the 2020 Nebraska Youth Soccer League champions. In baseball, he played in the Babe Ruth League and was one of the Watchdogs youth who raced with Saltdogs players ahead of the 2019 games. basketball, he plays for money. Team of the Hawks Supreme Court basketball club. He also enjoys playing guitar, soccer, baseball, golf and mini-golf with his friends and family, and fishing.

Luella Weigel, daughter of Megan and Jason Weigel, is an eighth grade student at St. Patrick’s School. “Luella is ready to ask for help and give it to those in need,” the school officials wrote. “She does a great job interacting with and helping the younger students in the school.” Luella was named to the Pope’s List (all A’s) or Bishop’s List (all A’s and B’s) each term, and to the Principal’s List for modeling good classroom behavior. She plays for her school volleyball team and the VCN-L volleyball club team. As a member of the CFSLA Youth Council, she planted trees at Mahoney Manor and St. Patrick’s, and also volunteered to help with church bake sales and other events. She attended Marian Camp and Camp Kitaki and is a reader at school masses. She enjoys handwriting, bullet journaling, reading, baking, painting / crafts, and babysitting.

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