Talented boys’ golf team gets off to a good start

Balanced is the best way to describe the 2021 Hingham Boys’ Golf Team. A good mix of seasoned players coupled with a number of first and second year golfers. This balanced team is enjoying a revealing 8-1 start to the season. Golf teams generally have the toughest schedules of all high school sports. They compete at least three times a week, usually four, weather permitting.

Head coach Dan Clune attributes his early successes to the fact that he brought back almost his entire squad from last year and they worked really hard on their games over the summer.

“We have the same squad as last year except we lost Jake ‘Pounder’ Wilson, who brought his talents to Roanoke College,” Clune told the Anchor. “Jake was number two on our team. It hurts. Freshman Drew Golden replaced Jake at number two. We were young last year and being a year older made a big difference. Second year students Carson Erick and JD Flynn have a year of golf behind them and are in our top six. Juniors Victor San Antonio and Bobby Peirce attended Sankaty Head Caddy Camp in Nantucket last summer. They learned so much at this camp and played a ton. I have three senior captains who will play a big role. Luke Macdonald, my number one from last year, Alex Bankhead and Teddy von der Luft. (Senior) Jake Badnarski will also contribute, as he has been with the squad since his first year. “

Freshman Drew Golden took second place on the team.

Senior captain Luke MacDonald likes the consistency of the team.

“We have eight guys who can shoot in the 30’s,” MacDonald says. “We have guys that come here and the nerves don’t get to them and we play well no matter what. When a guy isn’t playing well, a guy is going to step in and there is always someone who is going to play well. It’s great because we have eight guys who have the ability to shoot in the 30s, so in every game we have a good turn from someone, so it always ends up working for us.

Until yesterday, when they lost their first game of the season to Duxbury 235-241, there were plenty of highlights from the start of the season, including several players shooting below par with Erick accomplishing this multiple times, beating last year’s Fisher Division champions Scituate at Widows Walk and San Antonio au pair at Pembroke CC with just nine putts in his match.

Sophomore Carson Erick has also recorded impressive scores in matches this year.

As yesterday was their first airship of the season, Clune and MacDonald have high expectations for the team this year.

“I compare this team to the team I had in my freshman year,” said Clune. “This team has finished 2sd in the state. The scores we get at SSCC and other courses are comparable.

“With all the kids that can shoot in the 1930s, I think this is the best team I’ve been on,” said MacDonald. “The reliability that someone can always reduce is the best I have ever seen. The youngest will play one, two, three – in the first places. They will put pressure on us older guys not to beat us. It’s not too competitive because we like young people. It’s just great to have someone next to us who is going to shoot low. It keeps us going and wanting to shoot low every time.

The boys still have plenty of golf to play this season, including two more rematch against Duxbury and two competitive rounds against Marshfield in the coming weeks.

Sophomore JD Flynn throws to the fourth green at SSCC.

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