The Jubilee course of St Andrews “risky of erosion”

The 8th hole of the Jubilee Course in St Andrews is in danger of falling overboard, according to a report on the BBC’s The One Show.

“Research has shown that over the next 20 years there could be a risk that parts of these courses [at St Andrews Links] will disappear completely, ”the journalist said.

“The reason is coastal erosion. In St Andrews, the 8th hole of the Jubilee Course is the problem.

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“If you look at the landscape we’re in, it’s pretty low, it’s pretty close to the sea,” Ranald Strachan, environmental development manager for St Andrews, told the program.

“It’s going to be vulnerable. In March 2010 we had a storm surge and there was some flooding on the course. Golf has been played here for 600 years, it should still be played for hundreds of years.

The site has been working on rebuilding sand dunes in an attempt to counter the effects of rising sea levels, he added.

By taking sand further down the beach and placing it over the eroded area, Strachan hopes to set up an additional line of defense against the waves.

The One Show also spoke with the head of the research group responsible for predicting coastal erosion in Scotland.

Dr Jim Hansom of the University of Glasgow said: “If the sand dunes are eroded then the flood envelope becomes much more threatening.

“Usually all over Scotland we are in short supply of coastal sediment.”

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