The Magrath Golf Club is almost open for business

By Laura Balanko-Dickson on June 25, 2021.

Magrath Golf Club has had “challenges” in the face of fluctuating restrictions in Alberta.

Despite this, Gina Nelson, Golf Operations Manager at Magrath Golf Club, said: “There are a lot of things starting to take off.

There will be things like “rakes” and “ball pucks” put back on the course.

Additionally, Nelson said they will move forward with their regular junior league, hosting some events and introducing a reciprocal program.

“There were challenges with all the restrictions and things like that. But with everything getting better it’s kind of back to normal, which is more fun because we have more ability to do things like our junior league, ”said Nelson.

However, Nelson admits “there are still things we need to be careful about.

“With the restrictions that we are allowed to put [course amenities] come back to the course, but we’re just waiting a bit, ”said Nelson. “We wait until next weekend before releasing them. This means that the rakes can go back to the bunkers and the bale washers can go back there. They haven’t been there since pre-COVID now. Carts will still be sanitized after each use, along with doorknobs, pop coolers, something like that.

Despite some reluctance to immediately get things back to normal on the course, Nelson said the junior league will start soon.

“Our junior league is going to start on July 5th and it’s going to run every Monday starting at 2pm,” said Nelson, “People just need to sign up before (today).”

That’s not all you can expect from the junior league, either.

According to Nelson, the Magrath Junior League will have a few events that they will try to organize.

“One will be in Magrath, the other in Cardston and the other in Raymond,” said Nelson, adding that these dates will be released as they unfold throughout the summer.

“Basically it’s just about playing on another course and it would be $ 10 per junior,” said Nelson, “It gives them food and prizes.

“We don’t know if they will want to do something like this, but we offer it as an option. If they don’t want to go to another class, they’ll go to their regular class at regular league time.

The Magrath Golf Club also sets up a reciprocity program for its members.

“Between Magrath, Cardston and Raymond, we have what we call our reciprocal program,” Nelson said.

“Members of one of these courses can show their membership card at one of these other locations and they could get a discount on their green fees, unless there is already a deal going on. Then you cannot double the discount.


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