Title IX at 50: ‘It opened so many doors’


The impact of Title IX extended far beyond courts, pools and playgrounds. Half a century ago, approximately one in 10 law degrees, medical degrees and doctorates was by a woman. Today, women obtain more than half of these diplomas.

“It opened so many doors, not just in track and field,” said Clanton, still considered one of Auburn’s greatest athletes of all time more than 50 years after enrolling on the Plains.

“It opened up a chance for all the positives we get from participating in athletics – teamwork, discipline and dedication – while allowing women to test themselves at the highest level,” said Poe, the first woman to receive Football’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Writers Association of America. “It sets them on a different path for the rest of their lives.”

“I love seeing them come through as teenagers and leave as young adults,” said Hoppa, a first-generation graduate. “These first-generation kids who wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go to Auburn without a football scholarship are really special. It’s great that women’s football can give them that opportunity. The quality of an Auburn degree is elite.

“If it hadn’t been for football and Title IX, I wouldn’t have gotten the same degree I got and certainly wouldn’t have had the opportunities to pursue this profession.”

“We’re not only adding numbers, but also opportunities for our young women to grow,” Hall of Fame coach Evans said. “To excel, to be Olympians, to be national champions. We all have to start somewhere, and at least we did, and at least we grew.

“Auburn women’s athletics now has its own culture, history and heroes, which we are very proud of,” Clanton said, summing up the fairness intrinsic to the Title IX goal. “People should have the opportunity to pursue excellence in the areas for which they have gifts and talents.”

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