Tom Watson Q&A with Golfweek’s Adam Schupak

Tom Watson being congratulated after the presentation of the Green Jacket at Augusta National Golf Club on Sunday April 12, 1981 (Photo: The Augusta Chronicle)

TW: Well, Kansas City is my home. I have my family and friends mainly there in Kansas City. I ask you the question, why would I want to get away from my family and friends? Life is full when you have your family and friends. If needed, I can always hire the weather forecast.

GW: I heard you like hanging out at Topgolf in KC?

TW: I don’t hang out there, but I do go from time to time. I appreciate. It’s funny.

GW: Are people surprised when they see an 8-time big winner there?

TW: Oh yes. They say, ‘Hey look, it’s Tom.’

GW: How much golf do you play these days?

TW: I played a lot, getting ready for the Father-Son, trying to find a swing that works. He comes and goes from time to time. I think: “I have it”, then the next day, I can’t find it. He gets lost. My body isn’t very strong anymore and my balance isn’t as good, so I’m hitting the ball worse now than 10 years ago.

At 72 years old, to be able to do internships and not play like before, I don’t know if I would get a lot of pleasure from it. I am not sure.

It’s all about joy. It’s about having fun in the game and having fun. Some people, when your age skills deteriorate, some people can cope better than others. I always like to practice and try to hit punches consistently, one after the other. Sometimes I get them, like I said, sometimes the next day I don’t. But I don’t play a lot of golf. I still like to practice. If I start hitting the ball well, I’ll go play. If I don’t hit the ball very well, I’m not going to play.

GW: Do you still have this joy of feeling a good blow?

TW: Yes I do. It is rare, this solid blow. I hit everything thin or fat.

GW: A four foot putt for all the balls: Jack or Tiger?

TW: Jacques. He would for sure.

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