Village of Portville Withdraws From Marijuana Businesses – For Now | News

PORTVILLE – A public hearing on the state’s legal marijuana law brought together a dozen villagers on Monday evening, with two speakers urging the village to back down for the time being.

The hearing is the result of a discussion by village administrators at their November meeting, where they decided they wanted to hear the views of residents before voting on whether to allow recreational businesses. of marijuana allowed in the village.

The directors voted unanimously to step down now. The village can vote at another time to allow marijuana shops and / or so-called marijuana bars in the village.

“Along with the other board members, I have responded to calls and comments regarding the opt In / Out situation and the majority of them urged caution regarding the measure,” said Mayor Anthony Evans. “… I agree with the majority of residents who have contacted me that it is probably wise and wise to step aside (for now) and let’s see how this rather confusing situation plays out in other areas.” .

“Overall I’m very business-friendly and want to increase the income that I badly need, but I don’t like the way the state has rolled out this thing. Our job as elected officials is to try to do the best for the municipality… ”

“The decision to step down was solely based on the fact that the Cannabis Management Office has yet to establish concrete rules and regulations for cannabis dispensaries at this point,” said Vincent Pascucci, administrator. “… For now, withdrawal is a logical choice. … This is not a debate about the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana is legal just like alcohol and cigarettes. The village only looks at the rules and regulations for the distribution of a legal product.

IN OTHER BUSINESS, four offers were received to purchase the 2.7 acre Pine Street property. The top bidder, at $ 7,600, was Chad Caldwell of Portville.

Department of Public Works Superintendent and Code Enforcement Officer John Krist reported Wellington’s property to be beyond repair. After discussion, it was voted that DPW personnel would demolish it at a cost of approximately $ 6,500 and spend approximately $ 3-4,000 to remove the debris. The garage will be left on the property.

He also reported on the work of the service, as well as a broken water pipe in the municipal building on Monday which resulted in 2 inches of water on the floor of the post office.

Portville Volunteer Fire Department Acting Chief Jeff Latten spoke about the changes to the service.

“Over the past two months there have been a number of staff changes which will be temporary until the end of the year. We hope to make it a little more user-friendly. He reported that from January 2022, the fire chief will be Chuck St. Clair; Brian Neal, Deputy Chief; Jeff Latten, first assistant; and Chris Bell, second assistant.

Rich Longer, president of the Twin Tiers Disc Golf Club, spoke to administrators about the possibility of a mini golf club in Portville. The location options will be studied.

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