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March 29, 1929 August 6, 2021

Walter Embry was born near Carter, Oklahoma on March 29, 1929 and died in Bakersfield, California on August 6, 2021 surrounded by his loving wife and family. There will be no services at Walter’s request.

Walter and his family came to California in 1936 during the Dust Bowl and settled in the Sunset Labor Camp. He lived in Arvin for most of his life until he moved to Bakersfield in 2000.

There were so many sides to this wise and gentle man.

Walter was a caring member of his community. He supported members of the Armed Forces, the police and the fire brigade. He was known to buy a meal for them on several occasions. In 1946, Walter enlisted in the Army Air Corps. As he was a minor, he was honorably released in 1947.

In 1964 Walter became an active member of the Arvin Exchange Club. Walter would go out and collect the flags during the holidays. Her children and grandchildren loved to help. Walter loved participating in Arvin’s fireworks program. The family loved to sit in the back of his pickup while he set off the fireworks. At the Exchange Club events, we learned the soup song and continue to sing it when we are together.

Walter was elected to Arvin city council in a special election in 1984 and served for 18 months. Walter was appointed to the Arvin Community Service District Board of Directors in 1994 and stayed until he moved to Bakersfield in 2000.

Walter has had a trucking business for 20 years and has developed lifelong friendships. Through these friendships he became one of the founding owners of G&W Mfg. & Welding. Walter has spent 50 years building G&W into a successful business. He loved getting out of Bear Mountain, seeing the beautiful garden below and knowing that he had played a part in it. He knew every farmer and what they grew. Walter put in a hard day’s work and enjoyed every minute of it. He loved teaching his children and grandchildren to solder, but more importantly he taught them a strong work ethic and that your word is your connection.

Walter enjoyed hunting and made trips throughout the western United States. He eventually gave his guns to his children and grandchildren and loved knowing that they were hunting with his guns.

Walter bowled for many years with the Arvin Exchange Club. In 1985, while in Hawaii, he was invited to watch women’s golf. He found a new love. In 1989, when building the Sycamore Canyon Golf Course, he got himself a golf club and left the bowling bag behind. Walter loved to travel with his golf clubs. He had many wonderful days on the golf course and on December 9, 1991, he hit a hole-in-one while in Arizona.

There have been many trips to Balch Park with family and friends. Walter couldn’t help but teach all the kids to ride down the hills on Tonka trucks.

Walter was a great friend. He liked to hang out over coffee with the guys during the week before work. On Saturday and Sunday mornings he was at Molly Js’ house and loved to remember the good old days with Mary Durham. To know him was to love him. He has never met a foreigner. In fact, he used to wave to people he didn’t know because he thought he needed to wave to them.

Walter was an extraordinary family man. His last 50 years have been spent with an equally amazing woman, his wife Linda. He loved his five children (and their spouses), nine grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. We all have our favorite memories. From jumping into the pool from the top of the patio, taking a quick dip in the cold pool on her birthday and learning to drive on her knees. He was the one we turned to for advice. He was quick to praise and slow to criticize.

Walter will be known for his kindness, patience, loyalty, compassion, generosity, integrity, laughter and undying love.

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