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Presentation of the green mothers club:

Green Mothers Club (그린마더스클럽) is a Korean drama television series based on the lives of families in a competitive school district where everything is based on the quality of students in school. In this unforgiving environment, mothers are the main actors who will do everything in their power to ensure that their children are the best of the lot.

Lee Eun-pyo is the newest member of the competitive school district whose eldest son, Dong-seok, turns out to be a genius. Byeon Chun-hui is the resilient and tough mother whose methods of teaching other mothers a lesson are famous among everyone. When Eun-pyo moves in, she is warned to be careful of Chun-hui.

Seo Jin-ha is another member of the school district who has a mysterious past with Eun-pyo and a son, Henry, who is the same age as Dong-seok. Kim Yeong-mi is the mom who tries to be different from the “tiger mom” approach that others around her take. However, she frequently clashes with Chun-hui over her opinions. Park Yun-ju, Eun-pyo’s cousin, is poorer than other mothers but wants what all other mothers want: for her daughter to succeed and be the best in school.

So, when is the Green Mothers’ Club release date?

Green Mothers Club Episode 11 Preview

Where to watch Green Mothers Club

Green Mothers Club is a JTBC original that took over the Thirty nineprevious Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 p.m. KST. Worldwide, the show airs on Netflix at 8:30 PM (IST).

Green Mothers Club Episode List

Green Mothers Club will have the standard series of 16 episodes and its final episode will air on May 26, 2022.

Green Mothers Club Episode 11 India Release Date

Green Mothers Club Episode 11 will be released on May 11 at 8:30 p.m. IST or 10:30 p.m. KST.

Green Mothers Club Episode 11 Predictions

  • Dong-seok and Yu-bin are admitted to psychiatric care for their respective mental illnesses.
  • Eun-pyo decides to forgive Jin-ha and accept his friendship.
  • Yeong-mi decides to remove her children from Geon-u’s grip.
  • Louis will try to incarcerate Chun-hui for the death of his wife.

Green Mothers Club Episode 10 Recap

Eun-pyo and Chun-hui deal with the consequences of being a tiger mother as their two children deal with mental breakdowns. The first, on a lighter note, is appointed as a professor at a university. Also, Louis begins to dig into his wife’s death. If you want to know the background of the episode, check out the recap here.

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