Why a beachfront property could be your next sustainable investment


Leisure and tourism are now a viable investment, and in fact more relevant today than they were before.

ANCX staff | June 23, 2021

If you have the choice, would you prefer to live in a beachfront house or in an exclusive urban development? With the technology at our fingertips, allowing us to do almost everything remotely, many would likely choose the first option, especially if the property is only a couple of hours from Metro Manila.

Leisure and Tourism (LTE) areas are now a viable investment, and in fact more relevant today than before, says Erickson Manzano, President and CEO of Landco. “[LTE] is a leisure product in a tourist area, where you could build a beach house or an airbnb, set up a cafe or a coworking space, ”explains Manzano.

Cabanes Crusoe at CaSoBÄ“

Landco, which has over three decades of experience in upscale and exclusive real estate development, recently launched its latest beachfront projects: Club Laiya and CaSoBÄ“ in Batangas. In both of these projects, Manzano says, investors have the option of owning high-end properties that can serve as residences, either a dream beach house or second home, or a commercial structure for a resort business, or a mix of the two.

One of the perks of Club Laiya and CaSoBÄ“, both under Landco BeachTowns, is that they are both a two to three hour drive from Manila. They are also just minutes from essential local amenities: hospital, public market, pharmacy, school, chapel and various tourist spots. Staying connected, whether for business or pleasure, is easy as properties are built with an infrastructure equipped with technology.

Sunset at Club Laiya

Of course, the convenience of the location is only a second consideration compared to the seaside lifestyle which is the main draw: white sand, sea and sky, a variety of water sports, gourmet restaurants, crafts, arts and culture.

The 24 hectare Club Laiya is located in Laiya, San Juan Batangas. It promises wide open spaces and beautiful walks, with parks and commercial landscapes. This is Seaside District has various offers serving both the tourist and the serious investor. In addition to having access to the vast white sandy beaches of Laiya, recreation enthusiasts can also take advantage of the resort’s resort facilities.

Designed as a contemporary resort destination, owners and tourists alike can enjoy an active lifestyle on the beach with water sports and activities such as windsurfing, kayaking and yachting.

Meanwhile, the 15-acre CaSoBÄ“ (Calatagan South Beach) nestled on the sands of Calatagan, Batangas offers a more laid-back resort lifestyle in an intimate setting. CaSoBÄ“ offers domains classified as commercial or mixed use, which means the lots are residential or commercial or both.

Landco offers a range of resort amenities for both properties: from unconventional accommodations like surreal Cocoons capsule-like rooms to beachfront views of Crusoe Cabins on Calatagan, perfect sunsets over Batangas.

For more information on Club Laiya and CaSoBÄ“, visit landco.ph or @LandcoPacificCorporation on Facebook.

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