Winsted Business Owner Opens Virtual Golf Training Center

WINSTED – Shane Centrella loves to play golf.

He and his wife, Shannon, own Rooted Market on Main Street and have focused their energy on improving the store’s offerings and attracting more customers. But when he’s not working at Rooted, Centrella is probably thinking about golf, talking about golf, and finding time to play golf. Now he teaches the game to others in his new business venture, Be Under Par.

Be Under Par, steps from Rooted at 406 Main St., is a virtual playing and training school, where new and experienced golfers alike can get in shape, hone their skills, or just relax for an afternoon. in front of a big screen, practicing playing.

Centrella is also installing Rooted Fresh at the front of the street-facing storefront, an extension of Rooted with healthy juices and smoothies, meals and snacks to go, with a bar and additional seating for customers.

“We’ve been asked so many times if we have fresh juice, if we make smoothies, but we just don’t have a place for that in the market,” Centrella said. “We’re also looking for a new space for the market, but the Rooted Fresh idea is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.”

The Centrellas previously lived in San Diego for two years, where they’ve seen dozens of fresh food stops like the one they’re planning.

“They have acai bowls (made with the ultra-healthy, antioxidant acai berry) that are just amazing, delicious, and so healthy,” Centrella says. “We traveled a lot during our stay and saw so many healthy options. That’s why we’re doing it here.

Be Under Par is Centrella’s passion project. He started the center with the support of four friends he’s known since Gilbert School: Connor Baily, a college golfer; Dylan Keith, a dedicated gamer; Tyler Tucker, who just learned the game; and Joe Santoro, another dedicated golfer.

“They’re like my little brothers, and our common bond is that we all love to play golf,” Centrella said. “It was also my vision to have a space to give lessons in a small gymnasium or a simulated round of golf. That’s what Be Under Par is all about. If you want lessons to improve your game, I’m a certified teacher; if you want to compete, or just want to play virtually – collectively – that’s what you can do here.

He and his friends are regular players at Green Woods Country Club, a few miles from Winsted, and several of them work there.

“We love playing on the course, and it’s a way of incorporating technology into what we all love to do,” Centrella said. “So Be Under Park is synonymous with technology, fitness and fun, with a new option from Rooted Fresh all in one place.”

Be Under Par’s teaching screen uses a driving monitor and readings for students to assess their progress, with tutoring from Centrella. Another screen aft of the spacious practice center offers a library of video lessons by professional golfers around the world.

“You can also play on hundreds of different courses,” Centrella said. “I have digital measurement software that we use to help people improve their swing, for example.”

Centrella is a graduate of the Teitlist Performance Institute and completed company training in Boston. He says he enjoys teaching and working with young golfers in particular.

“If I can pass on my passion by teaching them to love golf the way I do, then that’s what I want to do,” he said. “Golf brings generations together.”

He started playing with his father when he was 10 years old.

“Every Sunday I knew I would be on the course with my dad,” he said. “It was just something I looked forward to every week, and it was quality time with my dad.

“I also want to rid golf of the stigma of congestion and exclusion,” Centrella said. “I would love to see anyone and everyone playing, of all ages.”

Be Under Par will hold clinics for junior players this summer; Centrella organizes an annual golf camp for the Police Athletic League, offering children aged 5 to 17 a week of golf.

“It gets them interested and keeps them active,” he said. “I will also be affiliated with Green Woods, helping with their junior programs and the clinics they run there.”

It just had a soft opening on January 8 and already has customers signing up for private lessons.

“I don’t advertise anymore, it’s just word of mouth,” he said. “Players are calling; they are interested.

Above all else, Centrella said, he wants to do what he loves.

“I only work on things I’m passionate about,” he said. “I started working just to pay the bills, but now I do what I love; it doesn’t look like work.

To contact Centrella about classes and information, email [email protected] or call 860-459-7451.

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